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How soon after putting muriatic acid in your swimming pool can you swim?

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Our pool guy comes in the early afternoon/late morning every Monday. I check the pool PH around 5 pm, and the readings are all right on.....so I would say five hours? That's our pool, though, I would get one of the PH testing kits you can get at pretty much any pool supply store.Hope this helps!Mrs. Gregory  Our pool installer told us to wait 3 hours after adding acid to the pool. We use the liquid form, so I don't know if the wait time is different for other forms.
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How much muriatic acid do you add to a swimming pool?

Initial care must always be taken when handling acid don't addconcentrated acid directly to the water, it is safer to dilute itin a bucket first, and wear eye protection. Acid

Can you use muriatic acid to clean swimming pool filters?

YES. USE ABOUT TWO PARTS WATER ONE PART ACID. LET THEM SOAK FOR A FEW HOURS THEN RINSE. Muriatic acid can be used to clean filters, HOWEVER there is a proper sequence to clean

How soon can you swim after putting chlorine in a swimming pool?

Answer . After you "shock" a pool with chlorine (a large amount to potentially kill anything that has been growing in there - bacteria from human waste, algae...), you sho

How do you clean white grout around a swimming pool Can I use muriatic acid?

If you use acid you run the risk of the stuff turning yellow in the fairly near future Usualy grout only goes murky on the sulfate so the best thing to do is scrub it down wit

Will muriatic acid remove rust from swimming pool?

It can be used to remove rust stains caused by swarf or some metalic object lef laying in the pool. however if the rust is a result of reinforsement having come in cotact with

How do you clean a plaster swimming pool without using muriatic acid?

If you use it full strength on a plaster pool you will actually "etch" the plaster and weaken it, so you must dilute it with water. Start out weak with one part acid to four p

Muriatic acid uses for swimming pools?

Muriatic Acid is used to lower the pH in swimming pools.. It's also used to lower alkalinity. But, there's a way to lower pH and really not touch the alkalinity, and vice ver

Can you use muriatic acid to clean swimming pool tile?

You can, but you run the risk of altering the pH of the pool water along with etching the cementuous material (other than the tile) that the acid might touch. The acid is co

Why use muriatic acid in swimming pool?

Muriatic acid is most commonly used in swimming pools to lower the swimming pools PH and to lower the pools alkalinity. You should use caution when working with muriatic ac