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As soon as you know all of your information. Wages, interest, investments, deductible expenses, etc...

Theoretically, you could file on January 1, XXXX

However, employers, banks, etc . - everyone - who needs to report to you (and the IRS) the things you need to know (generally by providing a form 1099 or W-2) have until the end of January to do so - and these forms MUST accompany your formal tax return filing.

Some Cos will give you a refund (if one is coming) using only your last pay stub and information you provide - but they are actually doing so by giving you a loan against the expected refund, charging you very high fees for the loan and the actual filing of the return when the forms are available that one must contract with them to do. (Called a "revenue anticipation loan" or some variation).

These LOANS are considered predatory - that is something that scammers do to fools - because the are so expensive and many companies have been prevented (legally) from even trying to provide them under any guise. (H&R Block included for 2010).
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