How tall was Benito Juarez?

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For what is Benito Juarez remembered?

He was the first Mexican leader who did not have a military background, and also the first full-blooded indigenous national (he was a Zapotec Amerindian) to serve as President

What did Benito juarez believe in?

He was a liberal lawyer, then state governor, judge of the SupremeCourt and president of Mexico, who opposed the iron grip of thechurch in Mexican politics and society. This p

How many children did Benito Juarez have?

He had at least 2 children with an unknown woman from Oaxaca; he then married Margarita Maza and had 12 children; 5 of them died prematurely: . Manuela (1844) . Felicitas

Why is the birth of Benito Juarez celebrated?

Benito Juarez (1806-1872) is regarded as the greatest presidentMexico has ever had, for many reasons: He was the first Mexican leader who did not have a militarybackground, a
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Was Benito Juarez a bold person?

At the very least, he had strong convictions which put him at oddsagainst the Mexican conservatives of the time. This resulted in theReform War (1857 - 1861) and the Second Fr
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Was Benito juarez fifth president?

No. He was the 26th president of Mexico, serving five terms intotal: 1858-1861 as interim, 1861-1865, 1865-1867, 1867-1871 and1871-1872.