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How to make your ex boyfriend regret leaving you?

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Its easy.. Live. Love what you do. Be happy! Don't intend to make him regret at all, the more you do, the more he'll love the idea of leaving you. Just move on, despite the fact that its really hard to do so. Love whatever you have, your life, work? Family.. Focus on things that will keep you from thinking of him. That way, he'll see how strong you are, and he'll regret havign to leave a person as wonderful as you..
besides he probly already feels it , i know i do....
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How do you make him regret leaving you?

You don't. You learn from what happened and try to improve on things you had a part in. You dont give up on love, faith or hope. Choose a path of renewal, learning, and u

Do ex-narcissist boyfriends who dumped you think of the good memories and have regrets of leaving her even though they found someone else?

Yes, and No. It depends on how life has treated him later on. I was not that nice to many girls I dated in the past. I didn't think much of it when I ended things with them. I

How do you make your ex boyfriend love you again?

Remember honey he is called an ex for a reason. Life is too short to sit here and dwell upon the past, or exes, and what-could-of-beens. I believe everything happens for a rea

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making anyone have sex Is rape and honestly to take something such a sex as lightly as to want to force them to do it shows your not ready. Please take the time and really thi

How can you get my ex boyfriend to regret breaking up with me?

Make him jelous It's jealous, not jelous. Making him jealous won't make him regret breaking up with you. You want to improve your mind and your body. Study and read so tha

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That really depends on how this makes you feel. If you want to converse with him again then speak with him and see what his reasoning for contacting you is or if you would pre

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well this what i did for my ex to miss me:I told him how i felt and wrote some things about him and made him cry and so he thinks about me a lot and wants to get back together

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showing love for another person in front of them....just be honest & go and tell them how you feel....your clearly not over him! If he's worth your time you'll get what you wa

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The only way to make your boyfriend jealous was to flaunt another guy around him. Chances are if you have to try to make him jealous then your not over him. So that would mean

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Okay look, i personally dont think its nice to make your ex-boyfriend mad for no reason, unless he did something, which in that case you talk to him! But if you DID wanna make

How do you drive your ex-girlfriend crazy and make her regret leaving you?

Is one person worth this much effort? Trying to play games with exes often backfire. The best thing is to not show your anger or hurt towards her. Let her see the best of you

Why can't you leave your ex-boyfriend alone?


How do you make your ex boyfriend call you?

  Answer   You can't make him call you. 'Ex' means the relationship is over. The only source you have left to be sure he doesn't love you any longer is to get out the

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