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How to offer girl for sex?

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You give her wine.
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If you had someone you really liked would you cheat on her just because you are a man and just because some sexy girl offered you sex?

Answer . \nDo you know what squirrels gather? NUTS! That's exactly what you will be if you take this chance. Get off the garbage that just because YOU ARE MAN it gives y

How do you offer friendship to girl?

  Watch this girl and see what she usually does. Or ask if she will be your friend. Or compliment her and start a convorsation but dont watch her too closly or shell think

Can girls have sex?

yes they can, and it is extremely fun too! The girl grabs the guys c0ck and sticks it right into the pussy ride that c0ck! WHOOOO! its very fun

What professions are offered by the army for girls?

There were army nurses in the first world war, and during the second world war, an auxiliary service called the Women's Army Corps was created. Back then, the jobs were very r