How to quench thirst?

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Drinking a glass of water would be helpful.
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How does coke quench your thirst?

i dont believe it does my theory is it just delays your real thirst Answer 2: It does delay your thirst, I experienced first hand. I drank pop while I was thirsty and like

Can sea water quench your thirst?

it might be better than nothing but the salt in sea water would make you even thirstier. and you could die becauce the fluids are taken out of your body

What does thirst quenching mean?

to quench your thirst means when your thirsty you drink something to relive your thirst so your not thirsty anymore.

Can salt water quench your thirst?

yes is way better for your system then fresh water ______________________________________________ No this is from a differant salt water cannot quench your t

Which is the best drink to quench your thirst?

The best drink to hydrate your body would probably be a sports drink. Though water is the best choice to stay hydrated, a sports drink is more appealing after water becomes ra

How does water quench thirst?

When one is thirsty its more like their through and inner organs are less moisturized and as one takes in water it moisturizes the organs and tissue it comes into contact with

Can blood quench thirst?

No. In fact, it could kill you in the long run. There are diseases of the blood ( HIV) and STD's.
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What cocktail to drink to quench thirst?

Alcohol won't quench a thirst... in the end, it'll only make youmore thirsty and dehydrated. Try water.