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Try soaking in water for a long period of time, or to infuse with sweetness and a unique flavour try using fruit juice. When making fruit cake i do this with apple juice in order to have plump raisins and it tastes absolutely amazing! Hope this works! Best of luck! :)
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Is a raisin a fruit?

Yes, raisins are dried grapes. Grapes are fruit, therefore raisons are fruits.

How would you rehydrate a severely dehydrated person?

  They should drink electrolytes like Gatorade or Powerade. If they are in the hospital there is a special IV that they will be given.

Are grapes raisins?

No but raisins are grapes. Both raisins and grapes started as fruits on vines, but they didn't both get dried.

What is meant by an oral rehydration solution?

Diahorrea can have debilitating effects on the body due to the extreme dehydrations it can cause. Oral rehydration solution is water that contains salt and glucose and creates

How do you rehydrate smoked salmon?

You can rehydrate smoked salmon by soaking it in water for about an  hour. You can also soak it in rice wine vinegar for an hour. Use  just enough liquid to cover the salmon

How do you rehydrate quickly?

A good way to re-hydrate, which is used by many athletes, is to drink grape juice with a small amount of un-iodized salt in it. This is used as a quick way to restore the vita

How are raisins made?

It Depends really, you can get sundried raisins which are grapes left out in the sun until they dry out to form raisins.

What is Oral Rehydration Solution?

Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS)-- A liquid preparation developed by the World Health Organization that can decrease fluid loss in persons with diarrhea.
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How do sports drinks rehydrate cells?

There is a clue in the name, the 'DRINK' is made of liquid and therefore means that the bodys natural thirst for water is replenished.