How to write 0.78 as a fraction?

78/100. 0.78 is 78th of a hundred. the names of the columns to the right of the decimal are: tenths, hundredths, thousandths, etc... since the number 78 only takes up 2 columns and ends in the hundredths column, it's out of 100.
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How do you write 75 minutes in a fraction?

You could write 75 minutes as a fraction of an hour:Since there are 60 mins/hr:75/60 = 5/4 = 1 1/4*Note 1 1/4 is 1+1/4, as in 1.25, not 11/4, as in 2.75. Since 5/4 is an impro (MORE)

How do you write 0.00006 as a fraction?

3/50000(simplified) or 6/100000, an easy way to figure out decimals like this is dividing by 10 moves the decimal point back by 1. So starting at 6, the decimal must move 5 pl (MORE)

How do you write 4.95 as a fraction?

so 4.95 is it corect? So what spot is the 5 in? ones , tens , hundredes < So its hundrenths so it would be 95/100 and the for is the whole number. so. 4 95/100 welcome (MORE)

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Write 42 percent as a fraction?

several answers to this question as is the case with any fraction. The most obvious being 42/100, simplified it would be 21/50
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