How would you help a non compliant student?

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Answers for this will be as many and varied as there are students. Depends on the setting. Public schools, you have no choice, you help the non-compliant student. Luckily there are plenty of resources to try. As a parent, you could contact the school's Special Education Director. Even if your child is not Special Education, they would know where to start you. IF you are a teacher, see the same person, but there should be plenty of suggestions if you ask aroiund in the faculty room. Especially those who have no problems, they have strong classroom management skills you could use.
If it is college, I would contact their advisor. The faculty advisor could put pressure on them since they need them at scheduling time. If you can find out why they are non-compliant that could help. Do they view the class as a waste of time? Found out their interest and show them how it is useful.
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