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'Hoy es el (1/2/3/etc..)de (enero/febrero/marzo/abril/mayo/junio/julio/agosto/

'Today is the (1st/2nd/3rd etc..) of (January/February etc.)'

The dates are given simply as NUMBERS (one/two etc.) in Spanish of course.
veinte/veinti-uno/-dos/-tres/-cuatro etc. (21/1/2/3/4 etc.)
treinta (30)
treinta y uno (31)
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Cual es la fecha de hoy?

The question asks: "What is today's date?" To answer you could say: Es el (number) de (month) Except if it is the first of the month, you would say: Es el primavera de

How do you answer cual es la fecha de hoy?

If someone asks you '¿cual es la fecha de hoy?' in Spanish, theanswer would be the actual date. This is because this expressionmeans 'what is today's date?' in English.