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Là Fèill Ualain Math Dhuibh! [La.a fe:Lʲ uəLənʲ ma ɣuiv]
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How do you pronounce co latha breith sona dhuibh?

You pronounce it approximately like this: koh lou-ah bray soh-nah ychgoo-eev The L is very thick. Roll the R in "breith". The "ychg" is a blended sound. It's basically

How do install Tamil font latha?

how to install latha Tamil font to windows xp download microsoft indic or google tamil

How do you pronounce the?

For the article the, th is pronounced as in "there" not stressed as in "thumb" or "thing." The E may be a short E sound (uh or schwa) as in "but." In this use, the word the rh

Why do you pronounce our as are?

Pronunciation depends on your accent. Some people do pronounce  "our" the same as "are", while others pronounce it as a single  syllable "ow", rather than the two syllable "

How do you pronounce AT-AT?

It depends on the person. Some say Ay-Tee-Ay-Tee because of other walkers, like the AT-ST, AT-PT and AT-AA. Others say At-At (@-@) because it's more efficient to use just tw

Who is Valentine?

St. Valentine was a priest in the third century who was executed  because he refused to abandon his faith. He is remembered every  year on Valentine's Day.

What is valentines about?

The most popular answer would be 'showing your love for someone'. But that is not always the case, you might just show your closest/best friends how important they are to you.

When is valentines?

valentines is the 14th of February and was a woman and she was a saint

What is a valentine?

If you want to define Valentine you can say that "a sweetheart chosen to receive a greeting on Saint Valentine's Day"

How do you pronounce 'that'?

That    The th is pronounced like the th  in them, there, or  those.    The a in that is pronounced like the  a in the word cat,  bat, or mat.    The

How do you pronounce I?

The usual pronunciation of I (the pronoun or English letter) is the same as the word (eye). However, the pronoun I is sometimes "extended" as (aye), a long I with a very sof
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Howto tap a girls ass good?

First off, tell her, "NICE ASS" then tap it. Don't do it too hard, do it hard enough to here a sound. Then if that girl gets mad run away. If she is just standing there. Well