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Howto pronounce toilichte valentine latha?

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Là Fèill Ualain Math Dhuibh! [La.a fe:Lʲ uəLənʲ ma ɣuiv]
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How do you pronounce co latha breith sona dhuibh?

You pronounce it approximately like this: koh lou-ah bray soh-nah ychgoo-eev The L is very thick. Roll the R in "breith". The "ychg" is a blended sound. It's basical

Howto suvive a elevator drop?

IN a modern day elevator, you should normally, always survive it. Elevators are built, to in an emergency, autobrake. For example, If the wires holding the Elevator rip, and t

What has the author Latha G Stead written?

Latha G. Stead has written: 'First Aid for the Clinical Clerkship Series' -- subject(s): OverDrive, Medical, Nonfiction 'First aid for the emergency medicine clerkship' --