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IF self employed in Florida as a handyman do you require workers compensation?

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If you are the only worker, the answer is "no".
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Which industry employs the most workers?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, State and Local Government employed 19.5 million people in 2010. After that, the next largest sectors are Professional and Busines

What is workers compensation waiver of subrogation?

This is an agreement that allows the insurer to recover the costs of your claim from the entity that you file against, usually an employer.   To be precise, as it applies t

How do you get self employed?

  You think up a business idea: some product or service that people might want to pay for and that you can deliver. And then you find people (through advertising, personal

What is Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation?

Foreign Voluntary Worker's Compensation (FVWC) is a type of insurance coverage that offers more benefits to the standard domestic worker's compensation policies. Many state

Can you get an extension for unemployment compensation in Florida?

Update: Dec. 12, 2010: You can go to the Related Link below for more info. The answer is YES. President Bush passed the bill on June 30,2008. It goes into effect as of July 6

Are you required to have 401k if you are self employed?

Absolutely not. Nobody is required by law to have a 401k. However, it is always a good idea to be saving for retirement and that is exactly what a 401k will help you do.

How exactly does workers compensation work?

Workers compensation provides a set amount of money to the worker and/or his family in case of injury or death. The amount depends on the injury of the worker.

Why do workers compensation claims have case workers?

Case workers are assigned to all such programs to ensure that correct procedures are followed by the payer and payee. In the case of WCI the agent assigned will monitor the be

Can a worker opt out of workers compensation insurance?

Workers' Compensation varies from state to state, so you really need to check what your local state law allows.    However, as a general rule, if you are injured on the
In Florida

Can you collect unemployment in Florida while being partially self employed?

If you work a "free lance" or "pt/temp" job, you must claim it with Unemployment. If the gross money you earned was more than what U.E. pays for the week, you will not receive

Who invented workers compensation?

The workman's compensation act was established in the UK in 1897. In America The United States Employees Compensation Act was enacted on September 7, 1916 sponsored by Senat