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I am available on the following dates or I am available on the following days?

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I am available on the following dates.
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You and your daughter, Kristin, have teamed up to write the House of Night series. What's that experience like?

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What does available mean on dating site?

On OK Cupid, they give you 3 options when joining: single, seeing someone, married. If you pick "seeing someone", when other people look at your profile, to them it will say " (MORE)

What is Victoria Day?

What is Victoria Day? A national holiday? A monarch's birthday? What does Québec think about celebrating on a decidedly British occasion? Learn more about this uniquely Canad (MORE)

Get Your Child Ready For The First Day of Kindergarten

Kindergarten is big step for a five year old. The first day of school may bring excitement, fear and worry. It is hard to anticipate how your five year old will react on the f (MORE)

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Are available or is available?

Either one is correct, depending on how many are available. We carry 1000 different styles of shoe. They are all available at our downtown location. I have a copy of Treasure (MORE)

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What is availization?

Availing a Bill of Exchange is the process of a third-party guaranteeing its payment when it is due. The third party could be a bank, the issuer of the bill, or an entirely un (MORE)

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How do you answer the question Date available for employment?

Personally, if not currently employed I would list "immediately". If currently employed, I would select a date that is at least 2 weeks in the future - allowing adequate notic (MORE)

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What date are you available to work on employment application?

The normal response should be, "I am available as soon as  required." This makes clear you are interested and available  without giving the impression of being desperate for (MORE)

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When trying to download wmv on Apple am getting the following sentence Safari cant open the file because no available application can open it?

Without knowing what version of the Mac OS you have or what version of Safari will things a little complicated. If your machine is less than 5 years old then you will only ne (MORE)