I am what you cannot be but you once were what i will become?

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Nothing! The answer is nothing! Am I right??
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Are you considered an adult once you become pregnant?

Answer . \nNo, a pregnancy does not constitute automatic emancipation of a minor. The minor can petition the court for emancipation rights in order to receive state assistance such as Medicaid, WWIC, and so forth.

How do you get promoted once you become a cosmetologist?

The best way to get promoted once you become a cosmetologist is tocreate a portfolio of your work. Taking on additional opportunitiescan earn you higher levels of recognition within your profession.Many cosmetologists choose to work for themselves and build theirown business.

How can you become the girl that you once were?

Answer . If you are a man the hat should come off when at an event. If you are a woman and it's a small hat then it can be kept on, BUT if it goes with your coat then take the hat off. In some religions hats for both men and women should be left on.

Why can an electron can be at two places at once but I cannot?

Good question.. Because you don't dwell in the quantum world. A lot of the quantum world is simply averaged into the macro world so it is not observable. While YOU can't be in two places at once, some of the electrons in you body can...and DO!. One of the wonderful things about science is that it (MORE)

A naturalized citizen cannot become what?

The president.. Any office deemed at law and/or by the Constitution to which citizens not deemed "born Americans" are ineligible. These include those of President of the United States and, of course, Vice President of the United States.

How long does it take to become a supervisor once you have asked to be one?

Assuming that supervisors are being actively recruited at the time (sometimes they aren't) and your contributions are judged to be of high quality, several e-mail exchanges must take place to ensure you are familiar with what the designation entails. The overall process varies depending on your resp (MORE)

Is there anything that cannot become a sedimentary rock?

Probably no. Sedimentary rock can be formed from the weathering of igneous and metamorphic rock, from coral and shells, and even from peat and clay. Given enough time, pressure, and warmth just about anything might be compacted into becoming sedimentary rock. If it is soft, it just compacts more and (MORE)

Are you an adult once you become pregnant in Texas?

Becoming pregnant is not an act of emancipation in Texas. You will be considered an adult in all decisions concerning your baby, like whether or not to obtain an abortion, and how you want your delivery to go, child care after the baby is born, etc. However, all decisions concerning what happens to (MORE)

Why your sun cannot become a black hole?

There is a value known as the chandressakar limit that applies to stars, any star beyond that limit will lack the energy to go supernova at the end of its life and collapse into a black hole. Our sun does not exceed this limit.

What happens once you become a bar mitzvah?

When you become bar mitzvah(ad), your father cannot get your sins taken on him anymore; rather you have your own responsibilities because you just became a man! You have to start learning mussar (the suggestions and rulings of the rabbis), halacha (laws), talmud (bavli and yerushalmi), whoever is ch (MORE)

What is the answer to the riddle 'I am what you cannot be But you once were what I will become I am what only blind can see And of infinity and 1 I am the sum I am the cure and I am the cancer'?

The answer is nothing because you cant be nothing, you were nothing before you were born and will be when you die, the blind see nothing... and so on. :) After hours of trying to figure this out... A thought . I am what you cannot be but you once were what I will become. We cannot be an id (MORE)

I am what you cannot be but you once were what i will become i am what only blind can see and of infinity and 1 i am the sum i am the cure and i am the cancer?

After hours of trying to figure this out... A thought . I am what you cannot be but you once were what I will become. We cannot be an idea, but we were once an idea from our parents. We are now trying to think of the answer, therefore a thought. I am what only blind can see and of infini (MORE)

What are the chances of every animal becoming extinct at once?

A mass extinction would require a very unlikely event such as a major cosmic collision. Even the major extinction event that killed the dinosaurs 65,000,000 years ago left about 1/3 of all species intact. It might require something really, really big, like the collision that created the moon near (MORE)

You cannot reach servers on your WoW account once you log in how do you fix this?

When you can log into your account but see no available servers, there are three major options: 1) The servers are down for maintenance and you cannot reach them Nothing to do but wait until the servers are up again. 2) Your realm list is incorrect This can happen with people who connect t (MORE)

Can a white dwarf become a nova more than once?

Yes it can. In fact RS Ophiuchi (about 5,000 light years away) has erupted in 1898, 1933, 1958, 1967, 1985, and 2006. It is in it's "quiet" phase at the moment, but will more than likely erupt again in the future (around 2026)

What element does radium become once it has decayed?

After alpha disintegration radium-226 become radon-222. Another answer: All of the isotopes of Radium are radioactive. When they decay,they emit radiation and form new radioactiveelements. Isotopes of Radium decay into different isotopes of Radon . Radium-226 will decay into Radon-222, andRadium (MORE)

Why India cannot become superpower in 2020?

2020 is not a special year.there are lot of reasons why india cannot become superpower by 2020. 1.The economy rate is low. 2.the indian space organisation should grow. 3.The remote regions of india have no proper roads. there are also many reasons why india cannot become super power by 2020.

Why cannot an electric bulb be repaired once damaged?

The gases (or vacuum) inside electric bulbs is usually specific to what kind of bulb it is. It can be repaired, by separating the glass from the metal, replacing/correcting whatever is broken, and resealing it in an environment that will have only that specific gas (or vacuum) inside. It can be repa (MORE)

How did napoleon become emperor once again?

The french revolution left the country in a state of turmoil, thus when people saw how napolean offered order, they jumped for it, though he lead the people who trusted him like the "short" tempered tyrant he was.

Who can and cannot become president?

You can be president if you were born in the U.S, and you are of the legal age of 45. You can NOT be president if you were bon outside of the U.S....... (like Obama)

Does child support payments reduc once you become married?

No. Remarriage by a non custodial or custodial parent does not impact child support matters. In the US, the laws always uphold the rights of the first born child/children as opposed to those of a second marriage or relationship. The status of a non custodial parent's financial obligations to minor c (MORE)

What are three reasons someone cannot become a Canadian citizen?

Under ordinary circumstances, a person cannot become a Canadian citizen if they have previously violated the Citizenship Act, if they are under a deportation order already, or if they have had their citizenship revoked. Other than these, one may not legally apply for citizenship if one is: . curr (MORE)

Why does a cyclone become weak once it hits land?

Tropical cyclones are powered by the moisture that evaporates from warm ocean water. When they move over land they are cut of from that fuel source. There is moisture in the air, but not enough to maintain their strength.

Is it true that once an object is in its natural resting place it cannot move by itself?

This is one of the axioms of the Aristotle's physics, introduced by the great Greek philosopher in the IV century before Christ (about 2400 years ago). The role of this postulate was to justify the observed motion of bodies by defining their natural resting place starting from the metaphysical idea (MORE)