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I cannot afford to hire an Attorney so how complicated is it and is it advisable for an individual to file for Ch 7 bankruptcy without legal representation when they own nothing and have no income?

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Anything involving the law is complicated. I will not advise you. This is not for legal advise. This service suggests. How much do you owe? To whom? Has it been adjudicated? What is going on? If you owe thousands and the bill collectors are hounding you, it might be worth it to get them off your back. If you owe a few hundred dollars and have a job, you might want to avoid having a bankruptcy on your record. What is your situation? Some stationery stores sell legal forms. You might get a form for bankruptcy and see what it entails.
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Can you file bankruptcy if you own a house?

  Yes. There are multiple forms of bankruptcy, such as Chapter 11, 9, etc. Some forms of bankruptcy simply set up a payment plan with the creditors, others forgive the d

What happens if you cannot afford a retainer fee for an attorney in a divorce?

Your best bet is to contact you local Bar Association for a lawyerthat works with low-income persons or they may have names oflawyers that are willing to waive the retainer an

Do you need an attorney to file for bankruptcy in Texas?

  Answer     No, an attorney is not needed to file bankruptcy in any state or federal court.     However, the petitioner should be completely educated on

Is there an income limit or ceiling for filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

  Yes, but it may be very difficult for you to determine your own eligibility for a Chapter 7 filing. Attorneys have automated software programs to assist them with this q

How do you file a lawsuit against a former employer for wrongful termination without hiring an attorney?

Well it sucks but there is only one "at cause state" and is Montana. Every other state in this country is an "at will state", meaning that an employer/employee have the will t

Can you file bankruptcy and own a home?

You can but three things can happen depending on which type of bankruptcy you file. 1. You can either include the home in the bankruptcy and move out. 2. You can declare the h

Does long term disability count towards means test as income when filing ch 7 bankruptcy?

Yes it does. Any form of income counts towards calculating your means test. Social Security incomes do not count as income. I just visited my lawyer today. The only question

Why pay an attorney to file Ch 7 when you are unable to pay credit card debt and only have social security income and no assets?

%REPLIES%    Answer   If a person is judgment proof filing bankruptcy would not be needed. The reason this is done in the majority of the cases is (1) To protect the

Is it legal to buy a used car just before filing CH 7 in Georgia?

%REPLIES%    Answer   You could be commiting fraud, not only in Georgia, but in any of the other states or possesions.   Answer   It is not illegal. You wil

How can you find out how much of your income tax the trustee will take after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The answer to this question varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but I would say it is wise to ask your attorney what the common practice is in the district in which you

What happens if you forget to include a debt when filing ch 7 bankruptcy?

Normally, the bankruptcy attorney you hire can file amended forms with the court within a certain time frame of the original bankruptcy filing. There are costs associated with