I have plastic side caps on my old fin tube baseboard heaters what is this for?

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Probably to reduce noise and friction during expansion and contraction.
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How do you run a 240V baseboard heater from a 100A box?

You are mixing Amps. and Watts. One is a factor of the other. Are You Asking About The Watts Or Voltage ? Most Baseboard Heaters Are 220 Volts. So Here Is The Way To Connect A 220 Volt. You Will Need A 2 Pole Circuit Breaket That Will Fit Your Panel. The Breaker Will Need To Be Of The Correct Amper (MORE)

How do baseboard heaters work?

Baseboard heaters use a process called convection heating to heat a room. There are fins inside the heater called elements. These elements have a set resistance which consumes the energy provided by electricity and dissipates it in the form of heat. This heat given off from the fins then heat the ai (MORE)

How do you purge air from a hot water baseboard heater?

Remove the end panels from the baseboard. If piping was installed correctly, there should be air vents on one of the 90 degree ells on either end of the baseboard. Newer ones are automatic, older ones have to be opened manually, usually with a flat blade screwdriver.Be careful not to open too much - (MORE)

How do you wire a baseboard heater?

Wiring a baseboard is no different than wiring a plug or light. A simple picture in your mind is this. You have to imagine yourself an electron travelling from the panel along the red wire to the thermostat, thermostat to the heater, heater back to the panel. With that read on. I find making a sketc (MORE)

When was the baseboard heater invented?

The first electrical baseboard heater was invented by WilliamWesley Hicks. The first patent for the heater was filing in 1925and later issued on March 27, 1928.

Stopping black residue from baseboard heater?

To stop the black residue from a baseboard heater, the wall aroundand near the heater should be cleaned as there are dust particlesattached to the wall. This is called ghosting which fine particlesof soot attach to the wall that is cooler than the temperature.

What is more economical 110 or 220 electric baseboard heaters?

Not counting the equipment or installation cost, and assuming the cost of electricity is the same in either system, running cost depends on the power consumed. So check the wattage of the heater. Consider also that the heater may not be on all the time to maintain a temperature. If a heater has t (MORE)

How many btu's in 4 foot hydronic baseboard heater?

You will need to give more information. The Btu's of baseboard is determined by the water temperature and the type and size of the element. Copper fin tube (copper pipe with aluminum fins over it) heats up quick and loses heat quickly it also has many diameters of element (copper tube). Most common (MORE)

How do you bleed a baseboard heater system?


What makes an electric baseboard heater tick?

The expansion and contraction of the heating element when the unit turns off and on. If you have ultra fine hearing and the thermostat is part of the baseboard heater it will be the bi-metal element in the thermostat.

How do you wire a double pole thermostat to two baseboard heaters?

This is wiring 2 baseboard heaters with a double pole wall thermostat you run the power wire to the thermostat on the wall then you run a wire to the 1st heater and then you run another wire from the 1st heater to the 2nd heater and hook red on red and black on black with wiring mariette's in the (MORE)

How do you turn off a baseboard heater?

It can be turned off at the breaker panel or by turning the thermostat off. The thermostat could be in two places, on the wall or in the baseboard heater itself. Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hertz supply service. . If the baseboard heater is 240 volt you can shut it off at (MORE)

How do you hook up a thermostat to electric baseboard heater?

first of all you buy a double pole unit thermostat which should come with the mounting plate and thermostat and it should have 4 wires 2 red 2 black okay now you join the red to the red power wire and black to the black power wire and the 2 remaining wires which should be a red and black can be join (MORE)

How do you wire two baseboard heaters to one thermostat?

you run the power wire to the thermostat on the wall then you run a wire to the 1st heater and then you run another wire from the 1st heater to the 2nd heater and hook red on red and black on black with wiring mariette's in the heaters junction box on left or right side which ever is more suitable f (MORE)

What is the drawing symbol for a baseboard heater?

Hot----------------/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\------------Common. This is the symbol for any electric heater. The controlling device would be noted as --------I I-------- denoting the Normally Open contacts of a relay and the would be wired to the Hot side. I (MORE)

How do you raise the pressure system on the baseboard heater?

Add water to the boiler. You should have an automatic pressure reducing water make up valve, somewhere near the boiler. If it feeds directly into the boiler, make sure the boiler is cool when you add. Normal pressure on a cool boiler should be around 12 psi. The pressure will rise as the water is he (MORE)

How do you know what the voltage of your electric baseboard heater is if there is no label on the heater?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. . Go to your power panel and look for two pole breakers. If there are any 20 amp two pole breakers there is a good chance that they are for the baseboard heaters. Switch this breaker off and turn your thermostat up. If the (MORE)

What is fin tube heat exchanger?

A heat exchanger composed of finned tubing. Finned Tube----Finned tube heat transfer principles and selection principles Finned tubes, also known as fin tubes or finned tubes, the English name is "Fin Tube" or "Finned Tube", also sometimes called "Extended Surface Tube", which extended surface (MORE)

How many different styles of baseboard heater covers?

There are two styles of slip-on baseboard heater covers. The first is made of perforated steel and is full of little holes. The other style has horizontal slots. The trade name for these products is Baseboarders. You can see them in detail at www.baseboardheatercovers.com

What will cause a short circuit in a baseboard heater?

check for a scar in the wire or a loose connection that is touching inside the heater As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed. Before you do any work yourself, on electrical circuits (MORE)

How do you fix a electric baseboard heater?

They are pretty simple . You have 1 - A thermostat . Trouble shoot it to make sure it works .Use a meter . Input on most thermostats is red . Out put is black . Between input and output , resistance will either be 0 ohms or infinite ohms . 2 - You have the heater element . That may have some reststa (MORE)

Are electric baseboard heaters efficient?

Amps and Watts measure different things. An Amp is a measure of electrical current and a Watt is a measure of Power. Which ever device draws the higher amperage will be the one that uses more electricity! Hence the 240 watt heater draw less amps even though it uses more watts: Volts Watts/Elec (MORE)

How to wire a 120 volt baseboard heater?

In the heater you will have two wires. You should then have 2 supply wires from the panel, and 2 wires from the thermostat. The neutral (white) supply wire should go to one of the wires on the heater. The hot (black) supply wire should connect to one wire from the thermostat. The other wire from the (MORE)

Do electric baseboards heaters cause soot?

Electric baseboard heaters are not supposed to cause soot. However; dust settles on the elements. When the electricity is turned on, the dust will burn off. There will be a trace of soot from that dust.

How do you add fins to baseboard heat pipe?

As a PE home inspector, there are some locations where this can bevery desirable to balance heat in an older house. However I cantseem to find any product that you can add to the pipes, like a clipon There is now a clamp on set of fins called Fin Clamp Element. Just type fin clamp element on any m (MORE)

How does one install Slant Fin baseboards?

Slant Fin baseboards are high efficiency baseboards that can be bought at many different locations. They are simply and easy to install using either glue or finishing nails.

How to run a 110v outlet from A 220V baseboard heater?

This answer is specific to the US and other regions that use 120/240 split phase power. This is generally not recommended because it would cause the poles of the circuit breaker to be unbalanced. You will need to have access to one of the hot leads, a neutral lead, and an earth ground lead. Dedica (MORE)

Where can a person purchase a baseboard heater cover?

Baseboard heater cover may be available for purchase at a home specialists store, such as Home Base and B&Q. For online purchases visit 'Lowes' website for more information, in regards to costs and baseboard heater cover types. These products are known as dummy covers. They have been around a long (MORE)

What are the pros of using a baseboard heater?

Some advantages of using a base board heater are: requires very little space for installation, the system is quiet, requires very little maintenance, it is safe to use, and allows the owners to control it using the thermostat.