If Toilet in one of two bathrooms drains slowly?

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I would give it a good plunging. They meet up at a common main drain so it has to be something in the slow one's line.

Another thought. Take a 5 gallon bucket of water and pour it in the slow one's bowl as fast as it will take it. Bring the water level up to the rim. This is a much greater volume of water than it is used to and will often flush out the line. It can't hurt anything.
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When piping in a bathroom with sink drain toilet and shower where do you locate the vent?

You normally locate the vent at the sink drain, but you can locate a vent at every fixture if you like. Answer *The sink is vented above the tee holding the trap arm to the sink. The sink drain will go below the floor and be joined(usually with a wye) from the shower drain which then is joined i (MORE)

Why would water gurgle and spit out of the bathroom sink and tub drain when you try to flush and plunge the toilet but the toilet will not completely flush even when you plunge it?

Answer 1 . Until a professonal replaces or modifies this answer, I'll take a shot at it. From your description of the symptoms, it sounds like you have two problems.\n. \nThe gurgling, spitting "back up" out of the tub and lavatory drains suggest:\n. \n1. A significant restriction or near tot (MORE)

You hear a gurgling in your bathroom tub when the washing machine drains or other toilet flushes?

I had this happen to me then eventually my toilet started overflowing the contents of my septic tank. SUCH FUN TO CLEAN! If you on a septic tank and this is happening you may need to have it pumped or have your drain line checked. what happened to me was my drain line was pinched and couldn't disper (MORE)

Why does the toilet fill slowly?

Answer . If your toilet in the tank has the type of float that rides up and down on a shaft, the flush valve tube, instead of the older ball float, under the top of the fill valve there is a rubber disk about the size of a quarter. This gets stiff with age and do not allow enough water through. (MORE)

Sounds crazy but it is true. My bathroom sink fills up when you run hot water and drains slowly but drains fast when you run cold water. Does anyone know why Thanks?

Answer . FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 7/3/09 -- Above "answer" not helpful.. I also am experiencing same symptoms, but with newly installed sink-bowl. Trap, etc. all CLEAR. I am similarly befuddled as to why COLD drains fast, but HOT drains slowly. The only plumbing change was addition of a hor (MORE)

Your toilet bubbles when flushing and drains slowly?

Toilets that bubble when flushed and drain slowly can be cause bydifferent things, such as port holes that are clogged, a cloggeddrain line, the tank has a low water level, or a problem in thevent pipe. A plumber can check for the specific problem and fix it.

Toilet flushes slowly?

It may just need a new flapper valve, or it may be plugged up. Try flapper first it's easier.

Why won't my toilet drain?

1- Not enough volume 2- Not enough pressure 3- Possible mineral deposits are blocking the water supply out let 4- Partial stoppage /obstruction 5- Improper installation 6- Poor venting as someone may have used an AAV 7- Undersized waste piping 8- PVC System shot radius fit (MORE)

Why does the toilet gurgle after the sink drains?

There is a blockage in your main sewerline. Odds are you have a problem wth either your vent pipe being to small or not located in the proper position to vent the waste line. What I would suggest is installing a vent pipe on the sink if there is not one already. Another option is to buy one of thos (MORE)

Why does your toilet drain slowly?

Drain partially plugged or the main line has collasped. Bad venting. Tree roots could have got into the drain. Possible quick fix. Fill a 5 gallon bucket 3/4 full and pour it into the bowl as fast as it will take it. This is a much larger volume of water than normal and may flush out the line.

Why wont your toilet wont drain?

your toilet wont drain because your excrements are to big or you use to much paper when you wipe. To get your toilet working again, use a plunger. (see how to use a plunger) To stop this from happening again, flush down your excrement in multiple parts and cut down on toilet paper. Good luck!

You put down a subfloor in your bathroom how do you set the toilet so it reaches the drain pipe?

Depending on how thick the subfloor is, you can use 2 wax rings and longer bolts. If it is too much for that or you are not comfortable with the idea, you could use another PVC toilet flange, screw it down to the floor with wax ring between it and the old flange. Once the toilet is set and bolted do (MORE)

Why does a new bathroom sink and drain with metal pipe make a gurgling sound and drain slowly when it is not clogged and the old sink and drain with PVC pipe did not gurgle and was not slow?

I'm going to guess the old sink was porcelain or cast iron and the new one is cultured marble? If that's the case, the old one had an over flow hole at the top of the bowl so that is wouldn't over flow. That was the vent for the sink. Cultured marble ones don't so the water is trying to go down agai (MORE)

Why does a toilet flush slowly?

Drain is becoming clogged or collapseing. If on a septic tank, it may be getting full. A possible quick fix. Fill a 5 gallon bucket with water and pour it into the bowl as fast as it will take it. Bring the water level up to the rim. This is a much larger volume of water than normal and may flush ou (MORE)

Can you use a toilet drain for a regular drain?

As far as I have read in numerous code books there was nothing about regular drain. There are storm drains, sanitary, indirect , and waste lines BUT no regular drains so I reckon that the answer would be no

How do you vent toilet drain?

If this is new construction just tie a 1-1/2 inch pipe to the top of your sewer line near the toilet and run it up through the roof. Place the tee so the vent line is on the topside if the sewer line. Keep in mind that when you flush the toilet the air being pushed in front of the water needs to esc (MORE)

How does a toilet drain work?

In the base of the toilet, the drain is shaped like an upside down U. When you flush, the water in the bowl rises. Water seeks it own level and when it is higher than the top of the upside down U, it goes over the top and causes a suction or syphon that draws the rest of the water in the bowl after (MORE)

Why do Americans call the toilet the bathroom?

Usually because they have a shower or bath tub in the same room, so naturally we just say the bathroom. We also say restroom, but i never really understood that either. Some of this is because of Americans' desire to avoid using the word "toilet" at least historically. It was considered to be a bi (MORE)

Can you have two bathrooms on one run?

Yes. Also on GFCI you can run output to second bathroom outlet and will be protected. Great thanks. That make more since, because there's only four outlets for both plus the lights on a 20a run Is it considered better to run the circuit through one GFCI outlet or is that to cut cost. I don't mind (MORE)

How do you fill a toilet drain not in use?

You can't fill a toilet drain not in use as there is no 'trap' to fill with water. The best thing is to get a toilet flange cover from a plumbing store and install it on the toilet flange - i.e. the circular fitting in the floor that the toilet would normally sit on. By simple pouring a few gall (MORE)

How to hook shower drain into toilet drain?

This must be done before floor is in, or in wood construction, from an unfinished basement ceiling. Shower drain must go through a 'P' trap. then run the pipe to the toilet drain and fit in where an appropriate Tee will fit (4x 1.5 x 4 tee usually.)

How do you fix smelly toilet drains?

The only reason you would be able to smell it is that there is a p-trap that has lost it's water seal to prevent odours from the septic to be smelling out the house. Water should be replaced in floor drains.

What is a basic price for bathroom toilets?

The basic price of a bathroom toilet varies depending on where you plan to purchase the toilet. For the most basic model at most home improvement stores, one could expect to pay around $100.

What size is a toilet drain pipe?

It depends on how many types of toilets there are. . If there are two toilets installed then the standard toiletsewer pipe size for that is 3". If there are three or more toiletsthen a 4" sewer pipe is needed for an adequate drainage.

What is bathroom etiquette for men's toilet?

Etiquette for the men's bathroom: . The bathroom is not a social area; . Keep to your own space at the urinal; . Keep your eyes, hands, and body parts to yourself; . Don't peek or look at others; . Avoid discussions; . Flush; . Wash hands. . What you see, hear, smell in the bathroom stays i (MORE)