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If a 15 year old boy is 5' 4 tall how tall will he be when is an adult?

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He will be 5'11 or at lease 6'0 remember you can still grow so if your 5'4 at 15 you will still grow to at lease 5'11 or at lease 6'0
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How tall is a 4 year old boy?

It depends on the boy's family, if his mom and dad are tall than he is tall, if his mom and dad is short he would be short, if his mom is tall and the dad is short he could be

If a 5 year old boy is 44 inches tall how tall will he be as an adult?

Shorter than most ( if not all) of his guy friends. I have a 44" tall daughter who is only 4 and our doctor said she will most likely grow up to be 5' 8" like her mama. This a

What is tall for a 15 year old?

5.6"-5.9 is the best buddy dont be huge i am 15 and 5feet 10 inches. yeh, that was the last guy ^ im 6ft and im not the tallest in my classes so it doesnt matter wat height u
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How should be tall a boy 5 years old?

See related links for an average height and weight chart. But some kids just grow differently than others and will have a growth spurt later than others.
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Is 4 foot tall for a 5 year old?

That is tall for a five year old, because the tallest five year old I know was around 4 foot, and his family was TALL. So, yes, four foot is above average.
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If i'm a 15 year old boy and i'm 5'4 and my mom is 5'1 and my dad is 5'10 how tall will I be when i'm an adult?

With only this information, it is impossible to tell you exactly how tall you will become. Adult height is most accurately estimated by comparing the bone age vs the chronolog