If a mother is currently in a long-term same-sex relationship but is not in any way unfit can the father use that relationship against the mother in court for custody?

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Of course. Even though society has come a long way in terms of acceptance and equal rightsfor homosexuals, the debate still rages as to whether children can be adversely affected by witnessing such a lifestyle. Fact is, there's no conclusive evidence that same-sex couples do any worse as parents than opposite-sex couples. But whether the argument holds water or not, it could feasibly be used as an effective tool in court. The outcome will depend on how liberal the judge is, and on the laws in your state. Of course, if your child is old enough to testify -- especially about how they feel about your partner -- that will carry a lot of weight. One warning: DO NOT attempt to hide the relationship from the court. That would definitely work against you!
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If you are 17 and live with your mother who has sole custody can your father still press charges against your 22-year-old boyfriend when your mother has consented to the relationship?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nMost states won't bother if you are 17 yrs old. Father can TRY to press charges, but since mother has sole custody it is going to be difficult. Plus

Can a Father win custody even if mother is not unfit?

In most cases the father can get custody of the child if the motheris unfit. The courts want the child to be in the custody of theparent who can provide a safe and nurturing l

If the mother and father has joint custody and the father wants full custody because of the mother same sex relationship in Alabama could the father win?

It depends on the age of the child as well as the sex. The child can make the decision in their early teens. I took my child to a therapist who helped him decide, rather than

If an unfit mother of US origin is married to an illegal alien from Mexicodoes the illegal father have grounds to sue for custody if he can prove she is unfit?

The biological father of a child always has the right to sue for custody of his child. Whether his immigration status will cause problems for him being awarded custody and or

If the father has court ordered custody can the mother fight for custody?

Yes, a mother can fight for custody. Unfortunately, the courts are going to tell you no, if you can't prove the change in custody is beneficial to the child's well being.

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Can father get custody if mother is unfit?

Yes. The biological father would be the next logical choice unless he has had problems in the past and has been declared an unfit parent himself. He can petition for sole cust