If a new resident at an apartment building falls near an entrance and is injured does the apartment owners liability insurance cover expenses or is this considered your own home with no liability?

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It really depends where one fell. If it was in your own apartment, that would be your problem. If you slipped & fell on their sidewalk or tripped in a pothole on the common grounds, you could file a claim against the apartment owners general liability.
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Why does it matter to California Commercial liability insurance if you build or remodel condos or apartments?

Condos and apartments in California are high risk constructionprojects and the construction defect statute of limitations of worklike this done in California is 10 years. We frequently see on siteliability claims and construction defect claims for this type ofwork in California. New condos or apart

I do not own a car i need liability insurance to cover me?

I would get what is refered to as a "non-owners" policy quote through AIG at http://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-3014621-10530103 or possiblily through Geico at: http://www.jdoqocy.com/click-3014621-10462725 I believe that bot companies offer this type of policy.

What are the drawbacks of a Home Owners Association dropping liability insurance?

Without liability insurance, should there be any accident on the property, the association will be liable to pay for defending the claim, and potentially the claim for damages. Often the trade-off between liability insurance premiums and the hourly rate for defense attorneys indicate the it's less

Does a small historical assn which uses a room in a building whose owners have liability insurance need their own liability insurance?

This is not as straight forward as it seems. If someone visited the historical association and tripped over a floor board then the buildings insurance would be liable.. However if someone from the historical association mis placed a chair and a visitor fell over it then the historical association w

Does owners liability insurance cover tenants trampoline?

NO, The landlords, or owners insurance is specific to the named insureds property and liabilities. If your tenant has chosen to own a trampoline that would be there own responsibility and their own liability in the event of a loss or injury. Bear in mind though that whether the owner lives in the

Is liability insurance automatic with home owners policy?

No, It's not automatic. Most standard Homeowners Insurance Policies do contain some liability coverage but not all companies do that. Many homeowners can and do choose not to buy the liability coverage. Some companies it comes automatic but others it does not. It just depends on the policy that the

Can Texas apartments charge for liability insurance?

Well, if it's in your contract and you failed to get it, then yes,the complex can purchase it for you and bill you for the cost. You just have to read your lease contract and see what you signed.It's usually gonna be cheaper if you buy it yourself though.

If an employee is injured going to work and not on the clock does workman's comp or liability insurance cover it?

Each state has different laws related to workman's compensation insurance. Generally, your claim would be denied if you are not directly participating in working activities. However, if you can justify why your injury was caused by your work, your claim might be paid. If you were just driving to wor

Examples of liability claims covered by renters insurance while living in an apartment.?

You play softball and hit a ball back at that pitcher putting him in the hospital. The pitcher sues you. The insurance company defends you and settles the suit. You put a pizza in the oven, forget about it and leave. The pizza catches on fire and burns the entire complex down. The insurance carri

Is liability insurance covered on all vehicles owned?

Not necessarily. Vehicles must be listed on the policy and a premium paid for the coverages desired. Some companies give a certain number of days coverage when you purchase a new vehicle and some do not provide coverage until you notify them to add the new vehicle to the policy.

Does personal liability coverage of a home owners policy in Washington state cover accidental no fault injuries to non-insured injured handymen working on covered property?

No, your homeowners insurance does not provide coverage for injury to hired workers. It is the responsibility of the contractor to carry the proper insurance to cover himself and workers for injuries and losses incidental to the line of work contracted. This is why one should always check out

Is insurance expense an asset or liability?

Prepaid insurance would be an asset. Insurance expense is when theinsurance has been used up, thus making it an actual expense on theIncome Statement. Whereas Prepaid Insurance on a Balance sheet isclassified as an Asset.