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If an underage teen is pregnant and the father was paying child support before the teen got pregnant does the father stop paying child support?

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The father will be paying (or SHOULD be paying) child support at LEAST until the child turns 18, and could possibly have to pay longer depending on what a judge says. For instance, in some cases if the father is a college graduate, then some courts require them to pay some kind of support if the child continues through college.
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Can the state pay child support if the father will not?

The state does not pay child support. However if you require public assistance the state will automatically go after child support, and even if you do not require public assis

If the daughter gets pregnant is her father ordered to pay child support on her child?

  Answer   No.   The father of the pregnant daughter has no legal obligation to support her child.   That responsibility belongs to the biological father of

Does a father have to pay child support?

If he doesn't have physical custody then generally he must pay child support.

Do you have to pay child support for a pregnant child?

  If you're in the US... Pregnancy/giving birth does not emancipate a minor, so yes, you are still responsible for child support (but only for her, not for her child of c

How much does a father have to pay in child support?

In the US, in general, child support is a percentage of net income. In Illinois, for example, it's 20% of net income for one child, 25% for two, etc. Income is almost anythi

How much child support do fathers pay?

In general (for both fathers and mothers), child support is a percentage of net income. In Illinois, for example, it's 20% of net income for one child, 25% for two, etc. Incom

When does the biological father not have to pay child support?

In general, child support ends when: the obligor has legal custody of the child; the child is deceased; the child has been adopted; the child is emancipated (i.e., self-suffic
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What do you do if child's father stops paying child support?

Well my dad left 6 months ago and said he wants nothing to do with us but my mom started getting benefits on top of what she gets from her job :) I suggest that you contact y
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if the father is on disability does he have to pay child support?

Short answer is if THE NON-CUSTODIAL parent receives Social Security Disability Insurance ((yes )) RE: AUXILIARY BENEFITS ~~~ BUT ~~~ But if NON-CUSTODIAL parent only ge
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In Pennsylvania does a father have to continue paying child support for an 18-year-old who is pregnant?

  Answer     The legal age of majority for the state is 18.     However, the terms stipulated in the child support order determines when the obligated par