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If an underage teen is pregnant and the father was paying child support before the teen got pregnant does the father stop paying child support?

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The father will be paying (or SHOULD be paying) child support at LEAST until the child turns 18, and could possibly have to pay longer depending on what a judge says. For instance, in some cases if the father is a college graduate, then some courts require them to pay some kind of support if the child continues through college.
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Can an underage child sue their father for child support if the father stopped paying for child support after 3 months?

Answer . \nNo, this is up to your mother or guardian (which could be a grandparent or uncle/aunt.) Although it's quite disgusting that some fathers refuse to take some fin

What percentage of teen fathers pay child support?

This is interpretive, based on age and ability to earn an income, but most often, his parents are ordered to pay if he can't. Of interest, the boy can still be ordered to pay

Can my 14 yr olds daughter's father stop paying child support if she is pregnant?

That would be unlikely unless she is emancipated or moves in with the baby's father. You best answer is always to contact a local attorney. They will know best what the pract
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Does an underage father of a child have to pay child support?

The laws differ in different jurisdictions. In some states the father's parents can be held responsible for child support until he reaches eighteen years of age. In some state