If pregnancy exacerbates a pre-existing medical condition can your disability claim be denied?

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This isn't a yes or no question. See the research. Turn in the claim and see what happens. Is Pregnancy covered under the Disability Plan? When two causes join in causing injury, one of which is insured against, insured is covered by policy. Zimmerman v. Continental Life Ins. Co. (App. 1 Dist. 1929) 99 Cal.App. 723, 279 P. 464.
West's Ann.Cal.Ins.Code § 10320 Although ERISA plan participant's preexisting condition of congenital cataracts might have contributed to extent of his injuries, the preponderance of evidence in the administrative record established that accident, whereby participant tripped in his home and jammed his thumb into his eye socket, was proximate cause of participant's total loss of sight in his eye, and since accident was proximate or predominant cause of participant's total loss of vision in eye, he was entitled to recover from accidental death and dismemberment insurer under the terms of the controlling summary plan description (SPD) which only excluded accidental death and dismemberment due to most natural illnesses or diseases. Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974,
Weis v. Accidental Death & Dismemberment Ben. Plan of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc. 442 F.Supp.2d 850 (N.D.Cal.,2006)
The district court found that: 1) McClure's disability was the result of the process of nature and, 2) McClure was entitled to benefits even though he had a preexisting condition, because the accident was the proximate cause of his disability. Under the "process of nature" rule, a claimed disability is considered to have occurred immediately within the meaning of a total disability policy provision when it follows directly from the accidental injury within the time the process of nature takes.
McClure v. Life Ins. Co. of North America 84 F.3d 1129, *1133 (C.A.9 (Nev.),1996)the existence of a preexisting condition does not bar recovery under an ERISA policy unless the preexisting condition "substantially contributed to the disability or loss," even when the general policy language limits coverage to losses caused by accidents "directly and independently of all other causes.
McClure v. Life Ins. Co. of North America 84 F.3d 1129, *1135 (C.A.9 (Nev.),1996)

Where resultant disability is due entirely to lighting up or aggravation of pre-existing condition by industrial injury, employer is liable to compensate for entire disability, but where disability is partly due to industrial disability from injury, and partly due to normal progress of a pre-existing disease or condition, employer is liable to compensate only for portion or percentage of disability due to injury. West's Ann.Labor Code, § 4663.
Bowler v. Industrial Acc. Commission 135 Cal.App.2d 534, 287 P.2d 562 (Cal.App.1955)
Question whether compensation applicant's permanent disability results from effects of accident, including aggravating effect of accident upon pre-existing disease, or whether disability or part thereof resulted from normal progress of a pre-existing disease is a question of fact for determination by Industrial Accident Commission.
Bowler v. Industrial Acc. Commission 135 Cal.App.2d 534, 287 P.2d 562 (Cal.App.1955)Where an employee's pre-existing condition is asymptomatic, and an industrial injury causes disability other than death, medical testimony may be resorted to determine whether disability is entirely due to injury, or partially due to a continuance of pre-existing condition.
Bowler v. Industrial Acc. Commission 135 Cal.App.2d 534, 287 P.2d 562 (Cal.App.1955)An insurer's narrow definition of "injury" as one that is independently caused by an accident does not defeat coverage of an insured whose preexisting condition contributed to his injury unless the policy documents conspicuously set forth this exclusion.
Weis v. Accidental Death & Dismemberment Ben. Plan of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc. 442 F.Supp.2d 850 (N.D.Cal.,2006)In Saltarelli, we allowed an insured to recover for his medical expenses relating to a preexisting cancer despite an ERISA policy clause excluding coverage for "pre-existing conditions," finding that the exclusion, buried amid definitions in the policy, "was not clear, plain, and conspicuous enough to negate [a] layman['s] ... objectively reasonable expectations of coverage
McClure v. Life Ins. Co. of North America 84 F.3d 1129, *1135 (C.A.9 (Nev.),1996)

Pre-existing Conditions: No payment will be made for services or supplies for the treatment of a Pre-existing Condition during a period of six (6) months following your Effective Date. This limitation does not apply to a child born to or newly adopted by an enrolled Policyholder or enrolled spouse. However, we may apply Creditable Coverage to satisfy or partially satisfy the six (6) month period if the length of time between the ending date of your prior coverage and your Effective Date under this Policy did not exceed sixty-two (62) days. Pre-existing Condition means an illness, injury, disease or physical condition for which medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment, including the use of Prescription Drugs was recommended or received from a licensed health care provider during the six (6) months immediately preceding the Insured's Effective Date of coverage. ---Blue Cross CA Individual Hospital Plan---
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Is pregnancy considered a pre-existing condition under Short Term Disability group coverage?

Answer . In my experience as an insurance agent the disability insurance policy I can offer specifically excludes pregnancy. Also, from what I have seen with other policies is that since pregnancy is planned, in most cases, it is not considered a disability. It is similar to being pregnant and no (MORE)

Is pregnancy considered a pre-existing condition?

Pregnancy is not a pre-existing condition when enrolling in a group (employee benefits) plan. That is not the whole answer to the question. It needs to be determined if your question is about group or individual insurance? It is true that pregnancy is not considered a pre-existing condition if you (MORE)

If a medical claim is denied because the provider did not file in time is the patient responsible for payment?

Check out this page where Medicare talks about providers being responsible for billing errors if it's their fault http://www.cms.hhs.gov/manuals/13_int/a3700.asp CA Civil Code # 3517. No one can take advantage of his own wrong. 3520. No one should suffer by the act of another. 3526. No man is respon (MORE)

Your insurance company paid all of your claims for a surgery you have had and now they are reviewing a different claim for pre-existing condition can they go back on the claims they paid and take the?

The answer may depend upon the diagnosis codes used. From your question, it sounds like the procedures had different codes and therefore, the claims should have been coded differently to reflect the different conditions. However, insurance companies conduct random audits on their accounts on a fai (MORE)

If you develop a chronic condition such as arthritis and your job exacerbates that condition can you file a workmen's comp claim for making the condition worse?

Answer . Thanks Mackey for the added info.\n. \nMarcy\n. \n. \n. \nNo you can't. Workmen's Comp is about injuries at the workplace. What you can do is get a complete physical and a doctors report and file for Disability Pension.\n. \nSo sorry you are having so many problems. \n. \nTake (MORE)

Is high blood pressure that is controlled by medication considered a pre-existing condition?

Yes. Check the policy definition. Here's the def. for Small Groups in CA. (q) "Preexisting condition provision" means a policy provision that excludes coverage for charges or expenses incurred during a specified period following the insured's effective date of coverage, as to a condition for which (MORE)

Is pregnancy a pre existing condition when enrolling in a group insurance plan?

Answer (applies to the United States only) . NO! If you are having any trouble with group insurance and a pregnancy not being covered, contact your insurance commissioner's office IMMEDIATELY!. Here's the deal: Under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996) GROUP insuran (MORE)

Based on a permanent partial disability rating what is a fair medical settlement offer should you except on in a workers'compensation claim?

In Georgia, solely a PPD Rating you would calculate the Average Weekly Wage (AWW) multiplied times the maximum number of allowable weeks times the disability rating. Thus if you had an AWW of $100 and a PPD rating of 10% to your whole body (carrying a maximum of 300 weeks) you MIGHT expect to demand (MORE)

Is arthiritis a pre-existing medical condition?

yes, usually it is Arthritis - Juvenile, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid or Psoriaticarthritis, Reiter's Syndrome, Rheumatism. However, there is a list of conditions to follow e.g. there musthave been no hospital admissions within the last 12 months.

What is Exacerbation?

Answer 1 . Not being of the medical communmity, this first answer will be from the viewpoint of a layman, and will be best answered with a example.. Imagine a wound which is beginning to skin over, but has not yet formed a hard scab. If one scrapes or removes that seal forming pre scab material, (MORE)

If you have a pre-existing condition but current job exacerbates that condition can you still file for workman's compensation with current employer?

Probably not, I would assume you knew about the condition and had an idea that what you would be doing could make it worse. If perhaps you had a minor condition and work pushed it to a point of being a disability then maybe you would have an argument. You could always lie of course, but you will be (MORE)

Is pregnancy considered a pre-existing condition under short term disability individual coverage?

It is not pre-existing if you were not pregnant when you took out the coverage, it may however be excluded as a covered benefit. . Check your policy for language related to pregnancy and maternity leave. Many policies will cover the "normal delivery" if you enrolled preconception. Others will excl (MORE)

If you have medical insurance now but have pre existing condition can you still obtain medical insurance?

You can still have the insurance but it may not cover the condition due to a waiting period. Most insurances have a 1 year waiting period for pre-existing condtions but after that year you can be treated. Some insurance policies do not have a waiting period. So it all depends on the insurance and th (MORE)

Will bcbs deny you with a pre existing condition?

If your spouse is a cancer patient and on COBRA with your former employer until you get new group coverage with your new employer does the pre-existing condition rule apply to you? My former employer has United Healthcare Insurance, and my potential new employer has Blue Cross Blue Sheild Health Ins (MORE)

What does a medical claims do?

Medical claims are the compensation you willget when you suffered medical malpractice on the hands of a healthcare provider. You can seek consultation to a medical negligencelawyer for more information about this.

Is genital herpes considered a pre-existing condition when applying for medical insurance.?

From my personal expierience, yes it is. I found out I had genital herpes in April and I had health insurance, but lost my job a week later and the insurance was dropped. Now that its August, I tried to get health insurance with FL BCBS and after I paid them (conveniently), they sent me a letter say (MORE)

Does Family Medical Leave and Pregnancy Disability Act run concurrently?

It appears you are asking about the California Family Medical Leave and the California Pregnancy Disability Leave Acts. You are entitled under the pregnancy disability leave act to up to 4 months of unpaid, job protected leave for a disability due to pregnancy complications, and to recover from y (MORE)

What is a medical claim?

A medical claim would be adoctors bill, prescriptions, tests or some other covered servicethat is provided through your major medical or health insuranceplan. You generally send them to the company for payment or forreimbursement if you already paid it. Answer Medical negligence claims are th (MORE)

What to do for medical care if worker's comp claim is denied?

First thing to do is find a local Work Comp Attorney and discuss the case with them. Document everything! Bad answer above. If you are ill or injured, the first thing to do is NOT look for an attorney, but look for medical care you can afford. Get treated, start recovering, THEN look for lawyers.

What medical code is used to report asthma as a condition on a medical claim?

Under normal circumstances, you would need more specific information on the patient's asthma type in order to report a valid and complete ICD-9-CM diagnosis code. The specifics of the condition should be provided by the healthcare provider; if not, you would query (question or inquire) with him or h (MORE)

Which conditions can exacerbate varicose veins?

Mobility issues where people are confined to wheelchairs or are bed ridden can worsen varicose veins. Likewise, age, heredity, pregnancy, hormonal changes, skin injuries, obesity, and long-periods of standing can make matters worse if you have spider veins. For additional information about skin (MORE)

Is a pregnancy a pre-existing condition?

Yes, in most states pregnancy is considered a pre-existing medical condition, and applicants for individual or family health insurance can be declined coverage if they're currently pregnant. In addition, some states allow health insurance companies to include clauses in newly issued policies that p (MORE)

How was a Car insurance Claim denied for undiagnosed medical condition?

Your detail is lacking for a real decent answer however the condition, if it existed before the incident (say, a vehicle accident) would not be covered as it did not result from the accident itself. Any insurance policy covers losses IF a "trigger event" occurs that makes the policy's coverage kick (MORE)

Is gerd a pre-existing medical condition?

Yes, as a general rule anything you have or are being treated for is considered a pre existing condition. Now, depending on where you live and the insurance company you chose, it may not matter as far as coverage goes. For example, some companies will rate you up only depanding on weather your medic (MORE)

What does the medical term exacerbation mean?

In medical context; exacerbation means a period when a chronic illness becomes more active and there is a recurrence of pronounced signs and symptoms of the disease. it comes with other terminologies such as Remission and progressive degenaration and it falls under chronic illnesses category.

What do you think the number one reason is for a denied medical claim and why?

The number one reason for denial of medical claim is due to misconception of the policy holders about medical insurance.In most cases, it has been seen that people having undergone simple medical tests have opted for medical claim, where as medical insurance is only for TREATMENT of illness/disease (MORE)

Can a group health insurance deny coverage based on pre existing condition if they have no written explanations of such limitations and conditions in any written format?

The explanation appears in "fine print" in your certificate of coverage. The claim denial should tell you exactly the words from the certificate that is the basis for the denial. If you are not sastisfied with their answer, you can appeal the decision. THe denial letter should also give you instruct (MORE)

What elements are typically required in a physician's medical report to process a disability income insurance claim?

A disability may be a physical or mentalimpairment, lasting or expect to last more than 12 months, thatresults in the inability to safely engage in productive activities.The definition of disability varies among policies therefore inorder to successfully process a claim the physician's medicalreport (MORE)

Can A payer can cancel a patient policy or deny payment on a claim if the patient failed to disclose a preexisting condition?

Under federal health reform rules, an insurer can cancel a policy only for fraud on the application. Omitting a pre-existing condition might be considered fraud, especially if the condition is significant. The insurer could choose to continue the policy, but would have the right to deny claims for (MORE)

Can A payer cancel a patients policy or deny payment on a claim if the patient failed to disclose a preexisting condition?

The insurer could cancel a policy only if the patient had committed fraud on the application. This was part of the health reform law of 2010, limiting the insurer's ability to end a person's coverage. So, for example, if you had lied about being married to someone on your application for family cove (MORE)

Why would a medical insurance company deny a insurance claim 3 reason?

The 3 reasons why an insurance co. can deny an insurance claim are:- 1) Pre-existing disease not disclosed at the time of taking thehealth insurance policy. 2) No Intimation notice regarding admission to hospital/nursinghome submitted to the insurance co. or TPA immediately on admission of thepatien (MORE)