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If someone has no attention span and can't sit still and blurts out things before thinking and can't stop fidgeting what can he do to find out if he has ADHD?

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ADD DiagnosisGo to a psychologist, and have him tell the docter his problems. It sounds like he is really bad. but medication, is best for people who have some sober self control. it helps them be more like other people, but if you cant sit still, and see who you are, and what your doing, then you have no self conciousness. its best, for him to start looking at who he is, and what he is doing. if he learns to become more aware of himself, all that will stop, and then he will be in a good position to take medication. because he has learned to deal with his problems, on a deeper level, then just medication. the medication will add to the type of mind he has developed, but if he has no mind, or inner self/awareness, he will grow up to be lost, and dependent on a drug, just like any other person, who is lost, and needs a drug to function. show him who he is. show him what he is doing. wake him up to himself. hurt him, if you haver to open his mind up to reality. when i say hurt him, i don't mean physically, just make him look at who he is, and if he has to go through some pain to do that, it is what he has to go through. start with the spiritual first, then add the material/medication after. it will balence him, in more ways then medication can. approach it from all angles: exercise, yoga, meditation, martial arts, vegetarian dite, etc. then maybe you can take a little of some drug, to add to what he has been developing on his own, naturally.
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