If you are at a fork in the road and there are two people on truth teller and one liar and you have one question to go down the right path but you do not know which one it is what question do you ask?

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Ask one of them, 'What would the other person say is the right path?', then go down the opposite path to what they say.
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What one question would you ask an honest gatekeeper and a dishonest gatekeeper so that you'll know the right road to heaven?

Answer . You go up to one of them and say "If I ask the other gatekeeper 'are you honest, will he tell me that you are honest?". If you are talking to the honest gatek

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The answer is yes and no, why do i say this because there are many types of questions some questions are merely asked to confirm a point, like some one may ask "did you say yo

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When you went to search for the answer, did you type it into the search engine the exact way it appeared in the game? Otherwise, the computer's simply going to find an answer

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The puzzle is based on only being able to ask one question of either computer and receive one answer. The question, asked to either computer, is " What would the other com

Who is is the one asking these question?

If you ask aquestion and the person whom you asked the question too; does notanswer your question for your understanding. The person gives youand answers not satisfying and te
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