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If you are going to be out of work for surgery can you file for workmen's comp?

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only if your surgery is the result of a work related injury. Sorry.
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What is workmen's comp insurance?

    Workers' Compensation Insurance is mandatory for all employers to carry and pay for in all states. (Exceptions for self-insured employers are made; this is anothe

Can you say no to a workmen's comp nurse requesting to go with you to the next doctor's visit?

  Your doctor's word and reports to WCB should be good enough, and say "NO!" She has a right to contact your doctor on reports and discussions about your case only related

If you use workmen's comp for an injury due to a fall at work will you ever be able to go back to your regular insurance for any back problems and be covered?

Maybe - it depends on the form (contract language) in your regular health insurance policy, and the nature of your future back problems. Since Comp has lifetime medical benefi

You have developed arthritis as a result of continual work on the computer consequently you had to have surgery on your hand is this a work related injury should workmens comp be filed?

  Yes. Under the Workers Comp Statute - at least in Michigan, any condition that is caused by, accelerated, or aggrevated by your employment, is compensible. You merely ha

Do you have to file workmen's comp if you lease contractors in the state of Texas?

  Texas is the only voluntary Comp state. But employers remain liable for the workers' injuries and should opt out correctly if they choose to opt out - according to the s