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If you are going to be out of work for surgery can you file for workmen's comp?

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only if your surgery is the result of a work related injury. Sorry.
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If you're out on workman's comp and about to have surgery due to the injury that occured at work and lose your job does workman's comp still have to pay?

Yes. In fact, you could sue the company if they refuse. The company should compensate you in every way since the accident happened at work and you should never have lost your

Can you say no to a workmen's comp nurse requesting to go with you to the next doctor's visit?

  Your doctor's word and reports to WCB should be good enough, and say "NO!" She has a right to contact your doctor on reports and discussions about your case only related

Does workmens comp cover you when going to or coming home from work?

  Answer   It may if you are driving a company vehicle and are on company time. However, if you are driving your own vehicle and are simply going to or coming home f

What is workmen's comp insurance?

    Workers' Compensation Insurance is mandatory for all employers to carry and pay for in all states. (Exceptions for self-insured employers are made; this is anothe

Can there be a workmen's comp settlement when kienbocks disease is diagnosed?

Yes, repetitive motion of both hands while working in manufacturing. Have Kienbocks in both wrists. Stage 4 in right hand and stage 2 in left. Both ulnas had to be shortened a

What should you do if a workmen's comp doctor wants to send you back to work before you think you're ready?

Go back to work   If the doc says it is time to return to work, then it is time to return to work -- or lose WC benefits. Simple question, simple answer.     Get

Can you go on vacation while on work mans comp?

  If you are disabled from a work injury or illness, you cannot work. You can do anything you want to do and are able to do, but if you are under treatment or therapy for

Does workmans comp pay your salary while you are off work and have surgery for an injury?

If your Workers' Comp claim has been accepted by your employer's insurance carrier and your surgery is approved by the carrier, you will receive a portion of your salary as co

What is the difference between workmen's comp and disability?

  Disability is something you get from Social Security. You have to have a permanent/ semi-permanent mental or physical disability that prevents you from working. You just

Does a general contractor need workmen's comp in Texas?

  Yes, but because Texas is the only voluntary Comp state, they can choose to go bare if they follow the formal procedures to opt out. But they remain liable for the work