If you connect your 30GB ipod video to your firewire adapter and wall charger 5DC volts 0.67A will it do nothing charge your iPod or ruin your ipod?

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A firewire connection wil charge your video iPod perfectly.
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Can you charge an iPod without the charger?

put on ur music and don't play it... wait like 10 minutes and it'll have .5 battery life back... i do it all the time -------------------- Don't pay attention to jokes.

What chargers can charge an 30GB iPod?

Only the apple ipod charger. It's very, VERY rare that you cancharge it with something else. Until I get proper information and Iknow it is not a scam, I will post answers abo

Do they have a wall charger for the iPod touch?

Apple sells a wall charger adapter for all iPods, including the iPod Touch. You connect the cord to the iPod, and then the USB end to the charger/adapter, and then you plug th
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Where can an iPod video 30gb be purchased?

There are many places where one can purchase an iPod video 30gb. One can search a major electronics store like Best Buy, Apple's official stores, or websites like Amazon.