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If you have a low sperm count how long would it take to get a woman pregnant?

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It really depends on the man. Most men with lowered counts are advised to not have sex more often than every other day around your partner's fertile time of the month.
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What can a man do about low sperm count?

See a urologist to see what is causing the low sperm count. If you wear tight underwear, change to boxers. If you wear tight pants, wear loser fitting clothes. Heat, due to
How can a male get a low sperm count?

How can a male get a low sperm count?

The following can cause low sperm count: 1) Wearing tight briefs. When you are trying to conceive, your doctor will advise that you wear boxers. This is due to the scrotum

Can you get pregnant if your partner has a low sperm count?

  Answer     Yes - you can certainly get pregnant. If you are trying to avoid pregnancy, you need birth control measures. If you are trying to achieve pregnancy

Reasons for low sperm count?

Human males continue to make sperm throughout their lifetime from the time they first hit puberty. That's a lot of sperm. There are a few things, however, which can damage and
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What to do when your husband sperm count is low?

Well if it's low, you'll want raise it...if you want a child that is, if not...use a condom don't change your husbands diet just because you don't want a child. First you'll n