If your husband has a low sperm count is there still a chance he can get you pregnant?

  Answer   Yes it is and i recommend you all read the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler   Answer   If your husband has low sperm count &

Can you get pregnant if your partner has a low sperm count?

  Answer     Yes - you can certainly get pregnant. If you are trying to avoid pregnancy, you need birth control measures. If you are trying to achieve pregnancy
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You want to get pregnant but your husband is not sexually active and has a low sperm count moreover he does want to take the medications for it please help?

  Answer   If your husband is not sexually active for another reason apart from being physically disabled, then the underlying reason needs dealing with. He may feel

Can you still get pregnant if you have had a tubal ligation and your spouse how a very low sperm count?

Although tubal ligation is considered a permanent sterilization process, there is always a very small chance of pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy can also occur after this procedur