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If you have a low sperm count how long would it take to get a woman pregnant?

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It really depends on the man. Most men with lowered counts are advised to not have sex more often than every other day around your partner's fertile time of the month.
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If your husband has a low sperm count is there still a chance he can get you pregnant?

Yes it is and i recommend you all read the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler If your husband has low sperm count & you've just about tried everything...

Cure for low sperm count?

Keep at least one week gap between masturbation, get married soon, have healthy food like vegetables, pulses, cereals etc, avoid smoking , drinking Wearing loose fitting short

Can you get pregnant if your partner has a low sperm count?

Answer . \nYes - you can certainly get pregnant. If you are trying to avoid pregnancy, you need birth control measures. If you are trying to achieve pregnancy, there are

What are the reasons for low sperm count?

Human males continue to make sperm throughout their lifetime from the time they first hit puberty. That's a lot of sperm. There are a few things, however, which can damage and
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How long does it take for a woman to get pregnant after a sperm is in her vagina?

Assuming she WILL get pregnant this time (since it can take 12-18 months normally) and that she is ovulating, it takes about 3 days for the sperm to get to the fallopian tube
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Are there medications for low sperm count?

  If lab tests showed unusually low FREE testosterone levels (below 10), testosterone products may be useful in elevating sperm counts. I would also look at other medicati