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If you have two jobs and are fired from one of them can you collect unemployment in New York State?

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Yes, you may. If you had qualified, based on the higher paying job and lost that one, then according to the Related Link below, page 9 under "What if I work part time?", if you work less than 4 days and earn less than $405 for the Week, you may be entitled to partial unemployment benefits. They consider your total pay during the base period to arrive at the benefit amount, then re-adjust based on your current income.
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Can you collect New York state unemployment benefits if you have a pension?

  YES, provided the unemployment benefits are properly yours.   In other words, that you worked and made the proper contributions from your income to the state fund.

What is the maximum length of time for collecting unemployment benefits in New York State?

26 weeks of unemployment benefits which can be spaced out over a year (like if you have a temp job for a few weeks and then go back to unemployment). This can be followed by 3

If you get fired for misconduct from your job can you collect unemployment?

Technincally no, but your employer has to be able to prove the misconduct in order to stop you from collecting. Upon applying for unemployment, you will likely be interviewed

Can you collect unemployment if you work two jobs?

Technically, if you lost one of your jobs the other one makes you still employed. However, because most states do allow a reduction in pay/hours as justification for receiving

Can you collect unemployment from two different jobs?

If the two jobs were held in the same base period, whether or not in the same state, and if the conditions of eligibility was met in both cases, the unemployment benefits woul