If you multiplied 3774 m by 186 m how many significant figures should you report in your answer?

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Three as three is the minimum found
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Why was George M Pullman a significant historical figure?

George M. Pullman manufactured and designed the most profitablerailroad sleeping cars of the time. However, he is most noted asthe tyrannical ruler of his company town and for the deplorableworking conditions of his employees.

How many significant figures are in 0.00570?

Significant figures are counted from left to the right, starting after the first non-zero digit. Thus the first significant figure in 0.00 570 is the 5. Zeros to the right of significant figures are counted as significant, therefore all the digits '570' are significant. Thus in the case of 0.0057 (MORE)

How many significant figures are in 150?

Three in 150. With trailing zeros it can be ambiguous. One thing is certain: if you use scientific notation there is nor doubt. In scientific notation one hundred fifty can be written as . 1.5 * 10 2 in which case there are two significant figures or it can be written as . 1.50 * (MORE)

How do you figure how many significant figures a number has?

Generally speaking, one can't have more significant figures in the answer to a mathematical equation than the least number of significant figures of all the values used to generate that equation. 6*6=40 6.0*6.0=36 For example: 1.1/2.3=0.478260869... But it doesn't make sense for the answ (MORE)

How many significant figures does 98.57 have?

Four. The number of significant figures in any number is found by counting the number of digits starting with the first non - zero digit (eg 0.12 has 2 sig figures, 304 has 3 sig figures.)

In 711129637.3 how many significant figures should be retained?

1) As many as you need for a particular purpose. . 2) In any case, since this number is probably the result of some calculation, the answer should not look more accurate than what is justified by the original data. For example, if you multiply two numbers, one with 4, one with 5 significant digits, (MORE)

How many significant figures in 06.03020500?

9, every number counts as a significant figure except leading zeroes and any zero without a different digit after it is not a significant figure unless there is a decimal point after it. i.e. 0500 has 1 significant digit, 501 has 3, and 500. has 3

How many significant figures are needed when multiplying two numbers?

It depends on the number of significant figures from two numbers you are multiplying. But when multiplying you use the same number of significant figures from the numbers you are multiplying with the LEAST number of significant figures. Example: 92,873.239 * 2 = 200,000 (because the number 2 has o (MORE)

How many significant figures in 142.617?

142.617 has 6 significant figures and should not be confused with the number of decimal places to which the number is given which is 3dp. To 5 significant figures, the answer is 142.62 To 4 significant figures, the answer is 142.6 To 3 significant figures, the answer is 142 To 2 significant figures (MORE)

Why is the volume reported in two significant figures?

It varies. Volume may be reported with more or less significant figures. However, in general the result should not have more significant figures than the underlying data - otherwise, it would look more accurate than it really is.

How many significant figures in 35?

two. Here are some rules for determining sigfigs: . Digits from 1-9 are always significant. . Zeros between two other significant figures are always significant . One or more additional zeros to the right of both the decimal place and another significant figure are significant. . Zeros used sole (MORE)

How many significant figures are in 91010?

There are 5 significants in 91010 , remember that only 'leading' zeroes (the ones on the left side) are NOT significant. The significans of the last zero (at the right) is ambiguous because it is not followed by a decimal point. (Cf. Related link )

How do you figure out how many significant figures are in a number?

The rules for identifying significant figures when writing orinterpreting numbers are as follows: All non-zero digits are considered significant. For example, 91 hastwo significant figures (9 and 1), while 123.45 has fivesignificant figures (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5). Zeros appearing anywhere between two no (MORE)

How many significant figures can be reported between 113 and 114 pounds?

The meaning of the question is not clear. However, I suggest that the only limitation is the instrument used to measure the mass. Most instruments with very high precision will also have a low maximum mass that it can measure, while a low sensitivity instrument will have a high maximum. The answer, (MORE)