If you run with scissors you'l?

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you will be perfectly fine. as long as you run with the blade pointing away from you.
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What is the meaning of Runs with Scissors?

"Running with scissors" is one of these really stupid things thatyour mom told you to not do. If a person is described as "runs withscissors", that means that they are intenti

How was the book running with scissors?

Running With Scissors, in my opinion, was a great book (as are many of Augusten Burroughs memoirs). Burroughs has a great writing style: simple enough that you do not get caug

What did you think of the book running with scissors?

Overall, I thought the book was imensley interesting. I found it very hard to believe that this was actually a true story, but like Jeanette Wall's memoir, The Glass Castle, i

Is running with the scissors bad?

Yes cause you could trip over a ball and the scissors could cut some string and a piano falls on you!!! only joking But yes, you could drop them on something or someone or

Scissors is or are?

The scissors " are ".. This old rusty pair of scissors are blunt .

What is the book Running With Scissors about?

The book 'Running with scissors' is about the odd childhood of the author. His mother is deeply disturbed and sends him to live with her psychiatrist, who has an even more dys

What actors and actresses appeared in Running with Scissors - 2006?

The cast of Running with Scissors - 2006 includes: Omid Abtahi as Restaurant Manager Anthony Aria as Audience Alec Baldwin as Norman Burroughs Annette Bening as Deirdre Burrou