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If you take cash distribution from former spouse retirement plan do you have to pay penalty Code section I am under age?

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Many, many things to consider that make a difference: How did you come by it - Ex by divorce or death? What type of plan is it? One distribution or distributions to continue over your expected life? Does the plan even allow it? (And if so, you should consider if the plan effectively seriously penalizes you for doing so). What were his contributions to the plan? Is there any qualifying hardship or use for the funds? Many more.
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What is the Misdemeanor penalty for California Penal Code Section 12553?

(a) (1) Any person who changes, alters, removes, or obliterates any coloration or markings that are required by any applicable state or federal law or regulation, for any imit

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That depends. Feeling harassed or discriminated against due to age is subjective and varies by individual. The best an employer can due is ask the question under reasonable ci

Why do people at a pensionable age use retirement planning calculators?

People use retirement planning calculators at a pensionable age to determine if their pension will be enough to take care of them after retirement. It helps determine how much

Marital assets Military division of 50 of retired pay Does ex-spouse have to pay taxes on money received or can member pay all taxes and split retirement?

  Answer   If the divorce decree states the 50/50 split and the ex spouse has submitted a dd 2293 application for former spouse payments from retired pay, and DFAS (

How much does a former US president get in retirement pay?

Current (2009) benefits for ex-Presidents provide a lifetime pension of $191,300 annually. Documented in a Senate document found at http://www.senate.gov/reference/resources/p

Why did the IRS enact the 20 percent withholding for distributions from employer sponsored retirement plans?

Answer   First, the IRS does not enact laws. It only carries them out and sometimes enforces them. Just like any other Department of the government does. Congress makes a

What is penalty for 401K withdrawal before retirement age?

10% early withdrawal penalty on the taxable amount of the distribution plus income tax at your marginal tax rate. If you are separated from the company that has the 401K plan

How much can a person of retirement age withdraw from his retirement funds before their is a penalty?

For retirement accounts that are not annuity based, generally, there are minimum required amounts you must withdraw but no limits or caps on the maximum amount you can withdra

Are you eligible for Medicare under age 62 if your husband retires?

    More information would really be necessary.     In general, Medicare does not cover a non-eligible spouse. Purchasing a private inurance policy would be ad

What age is the earliest you can retire and not pay any tax penalties?

59 1/2, or in certain cases 55     Ans   You can retire at any age if you have the mans.   You cannot start drawing social security or withdraw from from qua

If you take your pension at age 55 and still work is there a penalty?

Although you can retire at any age, you can only get your State Pension when you reach State Pension age. The earliest you can receive a company or personal pension is 55 - bu

If an employer pays the premium on medical insurance and forces an employee to take that coverage is there anything the employee can do if they are covered under another plan?

Contact your human resource or personnel department people. If you have to self-pay for your health insurance coverage at your workplace you may be able to select not paying f