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If you take your birth control pills perfectly every time but still get your period on the hormone pills only and never on the sugar pills could something be wrong?

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You probably need a different kind of pill. The one you are taking isn't the correct hormone dosage for you. Talk to your doctor and they will help you get the right one for your body. I'd say to use a back up method of birth control in the meantime, just to be safe.
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What's wrong if your doctor changed your birth control pill to something stronger because you have had spotting your first month on this pill and you didn't get your period?

Answer . Hi,\n. \nNothing is wrong hun. This does happen with a lot of women. \n. \nDid the doctor rule out pregnancy by doing a urine test or a blood test? Or both? If

You are on birth control and take every pill but you've been having cramping and light pink discharge could this be from skipping your period last month with the pills or could you be pregnant?

Answer . \nYou will probably find that this is your period "trying" to start. Your body is a little confused as it should've been allowed to bleed but hasn't been given t

When on birth control pills are you supposed to take the sugar pills the full 7 days or start the white pills once your period is over?

birth control . \nYou should take the pills for 7 days to help you remember to take your pills, some of the pills that you take during your period depending on your RX have

What could be wrong if i started to spot during my birth control pill cycle and i continued taking the pills but didn't start my period when i was supposed to?

Birth control pills will often make your period lighter - sometimeseven to just spotting; some women even use them for this reason,particularly if their natural periods are un

I missed a birth control sugar pill can i still take it?

You don't have to take the sugar pills, they are just there to help you keep track of when to start taking the next pack of pills. You could take all 7 of the sugar pills at o

If you dont take the sugar pills while you are on birth control will you still get your period?

Yes you should still have a period. The sugar pills are there mostly so that you can stick to the same schedule every day. Also, if you don't start your hormone pills back aft

What do I do if when I come to the sugar pills in my birth control I don't have my period Do I still take the sugar pill or take a normal hormonal pill?

Take the inactive (sugar) pills, then start your next packet on time. Some pills, for some women will stop your period from ever coming, as long as you are taking the pill.

Why do you only have a period if you take birth control pills?

There are many hormonal imbalances that can cause periods to be missing without the pill and present with the pill. The first weeks of pills in the pack can make hormone level

When you start your period do you stop taking the hormone pills and start taking birth control pills again?

It depends with the reason you were taking the hormone pills in the first place, if you were on them because you missed your periods and they were supposed to regulate them, i