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If you take your birth control pills perfectly every time but still get your period on the hormone pills only and never on the sugar pills could something be wrong?

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You probably need a different kind of pill. The one you are taking isn't the correct hormone dosage for you. Talk to your doctor and they will help you get the right one for your body. I'd say to use a back up method of birth control in the meantime, just to be safe.
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Does your birth control pill cover the 7-day period you're not taking the pill?

Answer Yes, you remain protected from pregnancy as long as you have correctly taken at least 21 active pills/days of hormones and no more than 7 placebos/days without hormone

Are you protected while taking the sugar pills in your birth control?

When you are on the sugar pills, you have the same protection as on  the earlier active pills as long as you took the previous weeks of  pills as directed. This protection i

What are the sugar pills for in the birth control pill pack?

  The sugar pills are just placebo pills, meaning that they have no intended purpose other than to act as place holders. Because birth control pills are to be taken every

What do I do if when I come to the sugar pills in my birth control I don't have my period Do I still take the sugar pill or take a normal hormonal pill?

Take the inactive (sugar) pills, then start your next packet on time. Some pills, for some women will stop your period from ever coming, as long as you are taking the pill. Y

Birth control pill no sugar pill?

  Hi   Your question is:   Birth control pill no sugar pill?   Not every brand of birth control will have 7 sugar pills. If this is the case for you then you have

If you dont take the sugar pills while you are on birth control will you still get your period?

  Yes you should still have a period. The sugar pills are there mostly so that you can stick to the same schedule every day. Also, if you don't start your hormone pills ba

Once you are on your period can you take a birth control pill to stop it?

  Taking a birth control pill will not stop you from getting your period. It might make your periods shorter and lighter. There is a pill out there that makes it so your b

When do you take the birth control pill?

You take them exactly as prescribed by the doctor who wrote the prescription for this medication. If the directions are not followed to-the-letter, the possibilities of becomi

Are birth control pills for your period to?

Hormonal birth control methods, including the pill, can decrease the amount of bleeding and cramping with periods. Some women use them for this purpose and not for birth contr

Can you skip the sugar pills in your birth control pill pack?

inactive pills are just that inactive, so you don't need to take them, they are there to keep you on track so you know when to start your next pack, and keep you in routine of

Does taking birth control pills stop you from getting your period?

it depends, if your on the 28 pack and take ur sugar pills, it wont stop you from getting ur period. if u wanna miss ur period dont take the sugar pills and continue right

Could you be pregnant if you take your birth control pill every day at the same time but still have all the symptoms of pregnancy?

    It is possible but not likely; Although birth control pills are 99% effective you still have that one percent chance of becoming pregnant. The only way you should

Can you take the birth control pill during your period?

You should take your pill according to the schedule on the calendar, regardless of whether or not you're bleeding. If it's your very first pack, you can start at any time in