If your college bound daughter will be driving your cars only when she is home on holidays can you delete her from your auto policy to reduce premiums but still get coverage when she is home?

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Let me start by assuring you I am a mechanic, not an agent. But in the same situation, I found that All-State saved me a lot of money.
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Auto policy cancels but driving to company to reinstate is there coverage?

Answer . need a little more info to help you on this.......if the policy actually canceled.....(most not all) have a ten day claus, if paid within the ten days, but they a

Child is living home and she has her own car This car is on your insurance and you are wanting to put the policy in her name Will her premium go up?

Answer . more than likely if she has a 'stand alone' policy on her own it will be higher than on yours...you likely have a 'multi car discount' and perhaps and 'companion p