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If your insurance gets cancelled for non-payment can you get insurance with another company or do you need to pay the outstanding balance first?

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Is there really an outstanding balance? Did the company give you insurance beyond any grace period for some sort of promise-to-pay? If not, there should be nothing owed to the old company, and you could probably get re-instated with them. A new company will cover you as soon as you pay their first premium.
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Can you cancel your auto insurance midway through the term if you can get a better rate from another company?

One can switch over to another company to get a better rate but not in the midway but only at the time of renewal of the policy, under Portability clause. Check with the ins

If within a few months of getting insurance you are diagnosed with hepatitis C and need a liver transplant can the insurance company cancel your policy?

No - an insurance company cannot cancel your policy or refuse to pay the claim, unless it can be proven that you were aware of this prior to obtaining the new insurance. They

Can an auto insurance policy be cancelled if the insurance company deposited payment in full?

Answer from a General Agent   Yes they can. But they will have to refund any unearned premium to you. Each state has it's own regulations that determine how and when the

Does insurance money that has a beneficiary have to be used to pay outstanding credt card balances when you die?

  Money is fungible   The answer depends on the state of jurisdiction ... in which locale will the decedent's estate be probated? In Ohio, for example (and in most s

When a car is totaled with a balance owed to the finance company and there is no car insurance is is possible the finance company will give another loan and consilidate the payments?

Yes on certain conditions. The first is that the amount still owed to the financial institution is not greater than the maximum amount allowed on the new vehicle being purchas

When can a car insurance company cancel you?

Insurance Cancel An insurance company can cancel you anytime they want to as long as they have a legitimate reason to do so, and they are required BY LAW to send you WRITTEN N

Can your home insurance company cancel your insurance without notice?

  This vary from state to state. For the most part, the only time an insurance company actually 'cancel' your policy, there has to be a very valid reason..for example, the

Can an insurance company cancel your insurance in a catastrophe?

No, No insurance company in America would cancel your policy simply because you have experienced a disaster or have a catastrophe pending. However, If you have missed your p

Can insurance cancel your insurance after they have taken payment?

An insurance company can cancel your coverage for any number of reasons, all of which would need to be laid out in the policy (contract) that you signed with them upfront. T

Where and how do you get car insurance if a car insurance company cancels you?

The initial action that may occur to the consumer is merely to go to another insurer. However, that may be am overly simplistic approach. Most states have statutes (laws) th

Can insurance company cancel your homeowners insurance for babysitting at your home?

If you are providing baby sitting or day care services without theproper licensing and insurance then yes, your home insuranceprovider could decide that you are a moral hazard