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Im looking for a salsa song from the 80s and it starts like this oh mama sienteme aqui estoy dejame nacer and that's the corus then it goes...tengo dos meses i una curiosidad por que mi cuerpecito?

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La cancion se llama "Oh mama" la canta : Nino segarra song name "Oh mama" singer : Nino segarra tengo 2 meses y una curiosidad porque mi cuerpecito aun no ve a mama tengo 2 meses y una curiosidad porque mi cuerpecito aun no ve a mama
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Estoy bien enfogonada contigo porque you cojistes chavos de mi cartera cuando yo estaba durmiendo y tu sabes que lo hicistes y yo tan buena contigo Luis e so no se hace yo soy tu mama solamente una ve?

Chavos means money, spanish people from the Caribbean use this word alot Haha I think I got this wrong since my spanish is not very good but I tried! Doesn't make much sens

Im looking for the sample in the usher song that starts after he says you make me want to say and then in the background it just repeats woah woah oh oh woah woah oh oh and sounds like a crown singing?

LOL. crow singing. you mean the song omg with usher and will.i.am?? yeah i know the name of the song its omg like you said but im looking for the sample in the song that goe

What does Por que mi mama vino a vivir conmigo mean?

Translation: 'Why did my mother come to live with me?' (Although strictly speaking, there shoulkd be an accent on the 'e' in 'que', to make it mean 'Why...?' Alternatively,
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How popular is the song Estoy Aqui?

Not very popular in the United Kingdom. However, if you were to ask this question to someone living in Brazil their answer would differ considerably as it is one of the most p