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Impact of risk behavior of dagga?

impact of dagga
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How Can People Change Behaviors That Put Them At Risk For HIV?

Any one who has ever tried to change a behavior knows that it's one of the most difficult things we can do. At the same time, HIV may require that you change something about y (MORE)

Why Do People Put Themselves At Risk For HIV?

HIV education and prevention efforts have been effective at providing information about HIV, how it's transmitted, and how that transmission can be prevented. Most adults in t (MORE)
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What Are The Drivers Of Consumer Behavior?

Consumer behavior involves a complex and sometimes nuanced system of inputs and outputs. Marketers need to understand what drives its broad constraints and possibilities in or (MORE)
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Program Evaluation

Now, more than ever, demonstrating impact is critical for nonprofits. This article will review the dos and don'ts in evaluating programming. (MORE)
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What is a risk behavior?

A risk behavior is an action on your part that may result in a  bad consequence.   Examples include:   1. smoking puts you at risk for cancer  2. being overweight pu (MORE)

The impact of Television on children Behavior?

Several studies show television does have an impact on children's  behavior. But those studies also show that it's not the number of  hours they watch TV, but the content of (MORE)