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impact of dagga
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What is Dagga?

Dagga is a very complicated subject. Just like pot, grass, dagga, marijuana, happy stuff, joojoo, wonder drug and numerous other nicknames, Dagga is Marijuana.. Marijuana is

Definition of risk behavior?

Risk behavior is behavior or other factor that places a person atrisk for disease. These disease can include HIV/AIDS, diabetes,cancer, etc.

What is a risk behavior?

A risk behavior is an action on your part that may result in a bador unwanted consequence. Examples include the following: . Smoking puts you at risk for cancer. . Driving

What is risk behaviors?

Risk Behavior: An action that potentiating threatens your health or the health of others.

Impact of Risk behavior?

evaluate and discuss the inpact or negative effect of youth riskbehaviour on yourself and other

What are examples of risk behavior?

Overchewing your food is inherently risky. Tooth grinding is a leading cause of child starvation in first-world nations. Raise global awareness.

What is the difference between a risk and risk behavior?

A risk is the ability to speed in a car. A risk behavior is driving at fast speeds. A risk is that drug companies manufacture a variety of medications to treat or cure illne
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What are 5 unhealthy risk behaviors?

Unhealthy behaviors: . Smoking . Being overweight . Not exercising . Eating too much salt . Not getting enough sleep