Impeachment of president?

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It means a trial of wrongdoings by the president. The senate and house vote to get president out of office before his term is up.
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How did the issue of the removal power result in the impeachment of president Andrew Johnson?

Congress passed the Tenure ofOffice Act to prevent President Johnson from removing several topofficers in his administration. The law provided that any personholding an office

What was the immediate cause of the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson?

The most direct charge against Johnson was his violation of the Tenure of Office act which required him to get approval from Congress to fire cabinet members. He fired Secreta

What event led to the impeachment of President Johnson?

President Andrew Johnson was primarily impeached for violating the 1867 Tenure of Office Act. Some of the other charges included violating the Command of the Army Act and libe
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Can a US citizen initiate impeachment of president?

No, not unless that citizen is a member of congress. Throughout\nhistory, controversial decisions by presidents have led certain members\nof the public to call for impeachmen
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What was the results of the house of representatives impeachment of president Clinton?

It fell apart when people realised Clinton had been technically truthful. And considering it was a sex scandal, questions asked under oath were poorly worded and the "ACT" com