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In 1950 what was the annual salary of doctors?

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According to Encyclopedia.com, it ranged from $8,272 for a doctor on salary to $28,628 for a neurological surgeon. The average salary of a physician was $11,058.
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What is the salary of a doctor?

Salary implies the doctor is working for someone else. So, a salary  depends on what you are doing to make money for the company the  doctor works for. Probably $30,000 to s

What is the annual salary for a doctor?

It depends on what field you're in.....     It depends on what field you are in, but most likely from 150,000-300,000 dollars anually! Medical school is expensive, but

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What is the annual salary for a doctor in the US?

This varies widely based on the doctor's specialty and location in the US. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for a doctor is $166,400 a year.

What was the salaries in the 1950s?

1950 - USA average annual salary $2992 - when dollars were $4 to £1 1955 - 60% of Americans were in the "middle class," having incomes between $3,000 and $10,000 per year 19

What is an annual salary?

Annual Salary Annual salary is the amount of money a person earns from their job in a year.

Salary of a 1950 doctor?

A doctor's salary in 1950 varied as much then as it does today. The  salaried physician was at the bottom while the surgical specialties  were at the top. The average salary

What is the annual salary of an Emergency Medicine Doctor?

The average salary for emergency medicine doctors varies significantly according to seniority, country, skill, experience and qualification. Based on United States figures, t