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In a new house with only the standard outlets in the garage on a 20 amp breaker what is the biggest breaker you can put on the circuit?

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You can't just upgrade the breaker. Its calculated on wire size and other things. You'll have to run different wire if you want to up your amps.
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What wire size is required for a branch circuit with 10 outlets and a 15 amp breaker?

With a 15 A breaker you need 14 Gauge wire. Normally you would only put 8 outlets on a 15 A circuit. If you have the option you shoudl consider a 20 A circuit, use 20A recepta

Can a 15 amp breaker be replaced with a 20 amp breaker?

Physically you could, but I would not recommend it. A Breaker is designed to sense current flow. If it senses too much flow, or more than it is designed to handle, then it wil

How many standard outlets can be on a 20 amp circuit breaker?

First off there are instances when you can have only 1 outlet on  that circuit. If it is powering a microwave, refrigerator, washing  machine, garbage disposal, dish washer,

What size copper wire is needed to be used for a 120 volt outlet placed 56 feet from the house to a garage that i am wiring and should it be on a 15 amp or a 20 amp breaker?

  I would use 12-2 with ground (Black, White, Bare). and use the 20 amp breaker. You could use 14-2 with ground and use a 15 amp breaker. It depends and what you are putti

What is the biggest circuit breaker in a house?

The biggest circuit breaker in any home is the main breaker located in your main breaker panel that is installed where your electrical service cable comes into your home.

Can you use a 30 amp breaker when you have need for only 20 amps?

The question is one of protection of conductors (wires). A 30 amp breaker must have a #10 copper conductor or larger for adequate protection. A smaller wire (larger number) su

Can you use a 50 amp outlet on a circuit with a 60 amp breaker?

yes, It does not exceed its rating   No, The breaker rating exceeds the rating of the 50 amp outlet. The outlet is designed for a maximum rating of 50 amps. To trip the bre

What is the continuous current draw on a 20 amp circuit breaker?

Depends on what you have connected to the circuit. It is less than 10 amps or the breaker would trip. A rule of thumb is you design for about 80% load related to the breaker.

What is the standard to select circuit breaker?

Add up your amps to calculate your breaker size. Add up your loads (amps), divide by 0.8, and choose that size breaker. If that number does not correspond to a standard size

Can a 15 amp circuit breaker be changed to a 20 amp without changing the wiring and what gauge wire is correct for 20 amps?

  in most circumstances #12 AWG wire is suitable for 20 amps   Changing a 15 amp breaker to a 20 amp breaker even if the wiring is #12 can create a violation and or a d

Will an auto reset circuit breaker work in your trucks fuse box If so you would you need a 12v 20A breaker for your 20 amp fuseThe fuses keep blowing on your S-10 seconds after you put them in?

  Answer   Why don't you go to a mechenic shop and have them fix the problem.   The risk is if you put a bigger fuse or same fuse and keep blowing sooner or lat

How many wall outlets can you have in a kitchen using a 20 Amp breaker?

Kitchens tend to have a number of higher amperage appliances so you don't want to use the rule of thumb which would be 8 per 20A circuit. One typical trick would be a separate

How many ceiling fans with lighting can be put on a 20 amp or 15amp breaker?

You need to look at the rating on the fans to see how much current they draw including lighting. Add up the currents and stay below 16 amps for the 20 amp breaker and below 12