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In the BBC on-line World War 1 Trench Warfare game how do you complete mission 4?

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Mission 4 is unwinnable. This has likely been done to show the fact that some World War I battles were doomed to be bloody yet pointless, no matter how skilled their commanders were.
I tried beating it but i think your right.
Yes, Mission 4 is unwinnable. After several failures I saw that every single attack option has its drawbacks. The gas is ineffective from the rain, the artillery is never helpful, aerial recon and fighters can't see through the weather, tanks and infantry get bogged down in the mud, the mines never help, and the machine guns are mostly abandoned. Sorry.
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What was trench warfare like in World War 1?

It was horrible, the trenches were muddy, full of dead bodies, and of streams of water. Lice, trench-foot (as well as other deseases were spred). The men had little, or no pri

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Trench warfare mission 4?

The only way to win is by using air recon, infantry and a soggy  sausage. Using that tactic will allow you to win the game.

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