In the state of Illinois can an underage male be jailed for getting an underage girl pregnant?

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the only ways is if you are 18 and she is under 18. But if you are both under 18 then no.
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Who gets custody in an underage pregnancy?

Answer . \nIf this refers to the unborn child the laws of the state where the child is born would apply. Generally the unmarried mother regardless of her age has full automatic custody of the child except under extraordinary circumstances. If the mother is unmarried and the father wishes to share (MORE)

If you are underage and pregnant by a boy over 16 will he go to jail if your parents and you do not want him to?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nDepends on the state, and your age.\n. \n. \n . \n Factors that determine legal action that can be taken relating to such adult a relationship depends largely upon the AOC laws in the state where the parties reside.\n. \nIn some cases age discrepancy, the older p (MORE)

Does an underage pregnant girl have to go to a doctor even if she is scared of her parents finding out?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThe sooner you tell your parents the better. It's not like they aren't going to find out anyway.\n. \n. \n . \n . \nYes.\n. \nIt is extremely important for her health and that of her baby for her to have pre-natal care.\n. \nThe young lady might wish to contact (MORE)

Is Vanessa Hudgens in jail for underage drinking?

no vanesa was noy in jail for drinking she is so so cool'and pretty and she is going out with zac eforn. no vanesa was noy in jail for drinking she is so so cool'and pretty and she is going out with zac eforn. No the reason she been in Jail , because she took nude pics of herself to show to high s (MORE)

How young is 'underage' if you are pregnant?

I find the question somewhat confusing, but... Underage *generally* refers to someone who is under the age of majority, which is 18 in the US. Pregnancy has no effect on the age of majority. A 17-year-old is underage. A pregnant 17-year-old is still underage.

Can an adult go to jail if his underage girlfriend got pregnant?

Yes, the adult can go to jail. The term "underage" refers to the fact that the person is under the legal age to make decisions. This includes the decision to have sex. That means that if you have sex with her and she "consents" her consent is not valid because she is considered too young to make the (MORE)

Can an underage male marry an adult male?

It's probably not possible, I think. You need to know the Age of Consent laws in your state or country. Also the laws about gay sex and gay marriage .. People who are under-age are usually not allowed to marry. In some places, with parents' permission they can. You need to find all these th (MORE)

What happens if an underage male gets an underaged female pregnant?

The differences in results are in direct relation to who does what and when. If anyone reports the matters to DHS (Department of Human Services) or CPS (Child Protective Services), and they choose to get involved, charges may be brought against the underage father or mother or both for Sex Wi (MORE)

Can you go to jail for underaged smoking?

No! -- No, underaged smoking does not get a kid in trouble, it gets the parents in a heck of a lot of trouble. If combined with school truancy and shoplifting, etc. the parents can get fined and even the child taken away by the government. Don't smoke or drink if you don't want to be put in boo (MORE)

What can be done if the parents of an underage girl try to put the bf in jail for underage sex if they wer dating before the bf turned 19 and were okay with them dating but now are not?

Not a lot because the underage girl should not have been having sex with the older teenager and vice-versa. They were probably ok with it as long as sex was not part of it but now they have found out it is then this is why they have changed their minds. He will just have to hope he does not get sent (MORE)

Can I take pictures of an underage girl?

NO. Taking pictures of anyone, other than yourself, involves many privacy issues. Taking pictures of children, such as underage girls is ILLEGAL, you are violating not only privacy issues but children's rights.

In Utah when can you get married if your underage and pregnant?

In Utah you can get married as young as 15 so long as your parents (both yours and your partner's) appear in person to apply for the marriage license with you. If both you and your partner are at least 18, you do not need a parent's permission. A civil judge can perform the ceremony, or you can have (MORE)

Do you go to jail for underage drinking?

Depends. In Canada it tends to often (In BC anyways) be treated like a ticket $150 and less than a penalty for driving without a seatbelt. In the US it is more hazy and you may go to jail or licence suspension. In all the US seems to penalize the minor while Canada tends to go after the e (MORE)

Penalty for getting caught with marijuana underage?

When getting caught with marijuana and you are underage there are many penalties. Like being put in a foster home/care home, for youth misbehaviour. And you will have to show up at court on a specific date.

My girlfriend is pregnant and we are both underage what should we do?

\nYou can both ask your parents to help you and support you that's what I did ( I'm 14 the father is almost 23) We talked to both our parents and told them about what was going on and they both said they would help. I know the father isn't underage but I sure am and I got a lot of help from my paren (MORE)

Where do underage pregnant girls go for support?

sweetie, u could speak to an adult u trust (i.e: a teacher or your parents.) u could call childline and explain the situation u are in i also think if u are pregnant, i think it may be an idea to think about all of ur options before making a decision having a child is a life changing thing, please (MORE)

You are underage and pregnant what shall i do?

Firstly, are you definitely pregnant? secondly, you need to tell a parent or a trusted adult and from there they will help you with everything you need. And if, for any reason, they don't.. speak to a clinic or anonymous clinic. As for the baby you have 3 choices; keep it have an abortion or adop (MORE)

Laws for marriage underage and pregnant in Maryland?

A person must be 18 to get married in Maryland. If they are under 18, parental consent is required, though there are exceptions: . If the woman to be married is pregnant or has given birth, and a licensed doctor provides a certificate of such, then a person age 16 or 17 (be it the male or female (MORE)

On private property and with consent of an parent is is legal in the state of Illinois to drink alcohol underage?

Easy answer: it is illegal for underage individuals to consume alcoholic beverages anywhere in Illinois. In some jurisdiction (like Naperville), the individual(s) who own or rent the property where the alcohol is consumed are held legally liable, whether they sanctioned or knew of the illegal activi (MORE)

Is it illegal to be underage and pregnant?

No, what you do with sexual intercourse is up to you. Unless the guy/girl is 3 years older than you and you are under the age of 18, then its considered statutory rape.

Can a 19 yr old girl be arrested for getting pregnant by an underage boy?

Yes, to put it simple. Regardless of male or female. If you are the legal age then you can be charged. However in most states, there is a "3 year rule" Which for example. Girl is 17 but the guy was 20 and vice versa. (Unless the offense was rape obviously) However in most states the "legal" age to h (MORE)

Can a underage girl get pregnant?

If a girl has reached puberty and has sexual intercourse, she can get pregnant. It is illegal if she is not of the age of consent in the place she lives, and it is not a smart thing to do, but yes, she can.

What if a boy or a girl marries underage?

A boy or girl cannot get married legally when they are underage without a parent or parents permission and signing a legal document. If the young couple run away and their parents find them they may well annul the marriage; meaning they will undo the marriage.

Can a minor go to jail for underage drinking?

In many cases, yes a minor can bearrested for underage drinking or even "Minor in Possession (MIP)."It depends on the jurisdiction and the laws of that jurisdiction. Keep in mind that arrest and jail have very specific purposes. Notonly do they protect the public at large, they also protect the (MORE)