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In the state of Virginia Can a parent move children out of state when joint custody is involved?

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Not without written permission of the other custodial parent or by Order of the Court.
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In Georgia can you move out of state if you have joint custody with the other parent?

If you have joint custody, you cannot move out of the state with the child without the other parent's consent. Even if you have sole legal custody you cannot interfere with th

How is custody of Children decided if parents are moving to different states?

If they are equally moving out of state, all the same factors as any custody case would apply, though perhaps with the addition of evidence on the intended new location and it

Can a custodial parent with joint custody move out of state?

That depends on whether the other parent has visitation rights. If so, you cannot remove the child without the other parent's consent or/and court approval. That depends on w
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What can happen to a joint custody parent for moving a child from one state to another without the joint custody parents consent?

First, a injunction should be filed to stop the move, or have the parent ordered to return the child to the jurisdiction of the court. Further, a motion for contempt for inter
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Can a custodial parent move in state?

Yes, as long as it doesn't create a significant hardship for the non-custodial parent as to their visitation rights. You may need to share travel expenses and perhaps meet the
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Can a parent prevent the other parent from moving out of state when they have joint custody?

If the parent who wants to move is the parent with physical custody the move will be easier with the consent of the non-custodial parent. The court will seek their consent. If