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In what colony did Thomas Jefferson live?

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Jefferson lived in Virginia.
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Did thomas Jefferson live at his plantation?

The first two years of his life Jefferson lived on Shadwell Plantation near Charlottesville, Virginia, but from the ages of 2 - 9, Thomas Jefferson lived on Tuckahoe Plantatio

Where did Thomas Jefferson live?

Thomas Jefferson lived at his home, which he called Monticello, near Charlottesville, Virginia.

What colony was Thomas Jefferson in?

If the answer you are looking for is what colony Thomas Jefferson was born in the answer is Thomas Jefferson was born in Shadwell, colony of Virginia.

How did Thomas Jefferson support the colonies?

Thomas Jefferson was a federalist who supported the constitution and a strong national government. He helped the colonies by writing the federalist papers (a series of 85 essa

What did Thomas Jefferson do for living?

He wrote The Declaration of Independence is one thing.Another is that he was a Vice President of the United States of America.Lastly,he was the third President of the United S

What era did Thomas Jefferson live in?

Thomas Jefferson lived in more than one era in US history. He was a  Founding Father in the American Revolutionary Era. He became the  third US president and therefore lived

Did Thomas Jefferson live in Philadelphia?

No. He had a plantation in VA.