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In what website there was a lot of gagged animes girls?

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http://www.geocities.com/grimbor/cartoon.htm -that site isn't up anymore

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Why do girls like to be bound and gagged?

Girls like to be bound and gagged for a few reasons. 1. It's fun. It's most likely never gonna happen for real so they play at being kidnapped. 2. If it is for real, it's exit

Why does your dog gag after drinking a lot of water?

Drinking way to fast Your dog is gagging after drinking water due to drinking too fast and therefore intaking too much air which can be extremely dangerous, resulting in a co

Should young girls be tied and gagged?

No. I think if you need to ask this question you should seek some sort of help, psychologically. I don't wish to be judgemental but what you suggest is not only immoral, but h

How do you gag a girl?

First a tight cleave gag, two a handkerchief in front of the  first gag, three some tape and four an over the mouth gag.  Nice and quiet. 

What can you do if your pug coughs and gags a lot?

No Dry Food!   Don't feed your pug with dry food! Pugs do much better on a well-balanced wet diet. Make sure your pug doesn't have "kennel cough" -- a trip to the vet wil

What can a girl do not to gag on your penis?

Don't attempt to take the entire penis into your mouth all at once. Start slow and as the pace increases, go a little further down on the penis each time. Remember to breathe

Should you ever tie or gag a girl?

If that's what gets you off then you could but ask your girlfriend/wife or whoever your doing it with if hteyr ok with it first. it could be painful for them and they may not
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In what episodes of Pokemon girl was gagged?

Girls have been gagged often in the Pokemon series. In the episode "The Misty Mermaid", two of Misty's sisters were tape gagged. In the episode "Just Add Water", Misty an
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How do you make a girl gag?

This is referring to fellatio, the act of performing oral sex on the male penis. The idea is to "deep throat" the girl, making her choke on the penis. Though it may not sound