International color coding for Pipe lines in ships?

Yellow Lubrication Oil, Hydrolic Oil
 Red Heavy Fuel Oil
 Pink Marine Diesel Oil  Blue Fresh Water
 Green Sea Water
 Black Waste Fluids (Bilge Water, Sludge, Sewage)  Gray Air
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Tell what is a pipe line transportation?

Its a way to transport all types of fuel and oil the safest way. Its help from spills and ways to hurt people, animals and all types of things that using a highway to do this (MORE)

How do you use an internal pipe wrench?

It is basically the same as a regular pipe wrench except on the inside. It is sized for the pipe and has a toothed section that grabs when it is turned. You turn it with a wre (MORE)

What is the flow-line of a pipe?

The flow-line of a pipe is the bottom inside portion of the pipe. Flow-lines are generally reffered to when establishing the elevation of the pipe work.

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Are there international color codes for safety helmets?

One color code for hard hat on construction sites uses yellow : labourswhite : engineers, supervisors, managers & visitorsred : electriciansblue : operatorsgreen : hse &a (MORE)

What is the color code for water lines?

DEAR All, I hope this answer may give some clarity to identify waterline, if it wrong plz correct me, usually water doesn't have any color, but it doesn't mean that we shoul (MORE)

What ship has the international dialing code 195?

Ships generally have telephone numbers relating to the satellite service they use, such as Inmarsat (country code +870). You will have to ask the shipping company for the numb (MORE)

How do you pipe a hot recirculation line?

Remove the boiler drain at the bottom of the water heater,and install a tee with the branch facing up. Replace the boiler drain! Above the tee is where you put the approved fo (MORE)