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International color coding for Pipe lines in ships?

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Yellow Lubrication Oil, Hydrolic Oil
 Red Heavy Fuel Oil
 Pink Marine Diesel Oil  Blue Fresh Water
 Green Sea Water
 Black Waste Fluids (Bilge Water, Sludge, Sewage)  Gray Air
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International color coding for Pipe lines?

OIL = Golden Brown Water = Green Gas = Yellow Steam = Silver Compressed Air = SKY BLUE NITROGEN GAS - FRENCH GRAY / YELLOW HSD ( DIESEL ) - DARK BLUE FRESH WATER

Color of pipe used for water line?

Pipes containing potable (drinkable) water will be colored dark blue. Those carrying settled or clarified water will be colored Agua (lightish blue). Pipes containing raw wa

Color code for different pipe lines?

Its Green for water Sky blue for air Black for effluent Brown for diesel Aluminum for staem Red for fire extinguisher There is difference between Indian standards

What are the color codes in PVC pipes?

PVP pipe has color codes to make it easier to identify them for  safety regulations. The standard coloring system has the colors  available in safety yellow, red, blue, and
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What is colour code of vacuum pipe line?

There are a few different color codes of vacuum pipe lines. Green means water, grey s steam, brown is oils, tan is gases, purple means acids, blue is air, black is other liqui