International color coding for Pipe lines in ships?

International color coding for Pipe lines in ships?
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Yellow Lubrication Oil, Hydrolic Oil
 Red Heavy Fuel Oil
 Pink Marine Diesel Oil  Blue Fresh Water
 Green Sea Water
 Black Waste Fluids (Bilge Water, Sludge, Sewage)  Gray Air
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What is the flow-line of a pipe?

The flow-line of a pipe is the bottom inside portion of the pipe. Flow-lines are generally reffered to when establishing the elevation of the pipe work.

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Color of pipe used for water line?

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How do you use an internal pipe wrench?

It is basically the same as a regular pipe wrench except on the inside. It is sized for the pipe and has a toothed section that grabs when it is turned. You turn it with a wre… (MORE)

What is the color code for water lines?

DEAR All, I hope this answer may give some clarity to identify waterline, if it wrong plz correct me, usually water doesn't have any color, but it doesn't mean that we should… (MORE)