Is 7 Up Sprite or Ginger Ale good for your sick stomach?

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Sprite, 7up, and ginger ale are all good for the flu. They help with nausea and also help your stomach settle by neutralizing some of the acid in your stomach More answers: 7-UP and Ginger Ale are the best drinks for a tummy upset and my mom gave it to me when I was a kid. The trick is to NOT drink it cold, pour some in a glass LET STAND for at least 15 - 20 minutes until the pop goes flat and then drink it.

I dont know about 7UP and Sprite since they seem to have a lot of other ingredients but the best thing is Ginger Ale and its best to stick to the Canada Dry brand but here's the trick. Have it at room temperature and it has to be slightly flat. Too much carbonation and it will upset your stomach even more. The slightly flat has less carbonation that helps ease the stomach; might induce burping though if you have a lot of gas in stomach but the sick stomach is not from gas. It's when you eat foods that are tainted or if you have a virus. There are two things at play in gingerale. first there is SLIGHT carbonation that makes you feel better and second Ginger Ale though it may not list it on label on ingredients it contains GINGER which is medically approved to help with upset stomaches.

Actually, All three of those are good choices, and if it is gas, its best if you drink it carbonated, and ice cold, that way you can burp up the extra gas in your stomach, also the slower you drink it the less gas the pop will give you that way you don't have to burp up any more gas than necessary.

Actually, GINGER-ALE is without doubt a much better choice than anything else--one of the few herbs that has been scientifically proven to do what traditional folk medicine says it does is ginger, and ginger settles the stomach. If flat and drunk slowly, it is easier to keep down than water. Burping when your stomach is sick can induce vomiting, so you definitely don't want that. Ginger ale with real ginger in it, at a moderate temperature (not ice-cold), and flat, taken slowly in small sips--that's best.
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Why is ginger ale good for you?

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Ginger ale doesn't fight the virus, no. For centuries, though, mariners and others that have to battle with constant motion or an uneasy stomach have turned to ginger in order
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Pure ginger ale is very good for you as ginger has a variety ofhelpful properties.
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When people have stomach issues the BRAT diet is usually used. B-banana R-rice A-applesauce T-toast But Ginger ale has long been one of the things people use to calmupset sto