Is AIC Post Diploma equivalent to Msc if so by which govt order?

A.I.C. equivalent to M.Sc. as per G.O. No. F.18-36/57-T.5 dated 19-08-58
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Msc it and ca is equivalent to be and mca?

My answer here would be that it both has the same value in the job market. MCA is a course which has been for quite a long time. It is very well know because people from other (MORE)

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Is Msc physics Electronics is equivalent to BTech?

Yes, of course Even M.Sc. Physics (Specialization in Electronics) has higher rank than B.Tech in any stream. Because M.Sc. degree is awarded after 5 years (B.Sc.+ M.Sc.) f (MORE)

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Is MSc Electronics is equivalent to BTech Electronics?

  As such both are different in many ways first of all one is only graduate degree while other ois Post Graduate degree but as far as professional degrees concerned B.TEch (MORE)