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Is Agnosticism an intense personal experience of sacred reality?

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What is agnosticism?

The practice of questioning the existence of a god or supremebeing.

Judaism sacred person?

Judaism has no sacred people. All people are equal in God's eyes.There are different classes of people in Judaism; Cohen - priests,Levites and regular Israelites.

When did Agnosticism start?

First of all, Agnosticism isn's a religion as such. It's an answer to religion.. A Theist believes in a god. An atheist believes there is no god.. An agnostic is in between

What is a sacred experience to a Buddhist?

In Christianity, Islam, Hinduism a sacred experience is to be confronted with the deity or an angel or similar who does something special. In Buddhism there are none of these

What is your reaction about agnosticism?

I agree about agnosticism; you can't prove that God exists or does not exist. Answer: I don't know. I just don't know. Seriously though, for those who are very realistic, b

When was agnosticism invented?

There was not a specific date that agnosticism was invented - many will have been unsure of religion since its beginning. The word agnostic, however, can be traced back to Tho

Are near death experiences a dream or reality?

We have enough scientific evidence through the artificial duplication of death/death-like states, that the "near death experience" is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the