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Is Asher Roth dead?

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Did Asher Roth go to college?

Yes, he went to college but dropped out because he is a loser. He couldn't even finished his "Elementary Education" classes. Please don't listen to this punkass white boy rap,

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How old is Asher Roth?

Asher Roth is 31 years old (birthdate: August 11, 1985).

Is Asher Roth gay?

It is rumored that Asher Roth will appear on E! News and come out of the closet but he issued this statement about his sexuality: "I hate to disappoint and take away the e

Is Asher Roth Jewish?

Asher Roth's Dad Is Jewish So Technically He's Not Cause His Mom Is Not And Moms Decide The Religion

Is asher roth single?

No; he has been interviewed a number of times about this, and he is currently dating pro wrestler John Morrison.
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What is Asher Roth most known for?

Asher Roth is well known as a rapper. He is American and was born in 1985. He released his first single in 2008 and his first album came out later in the same year.