Is Cyprus a capital?

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No. There is no city called "Cyprus" that is a capital city. However, the country of Cyprus has a capital: Nicosia.

Where is Cyprus?

Cyprus is in the Mediterranean Sea. South east of Greece, South of Turkey. Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots live separately after the Turkish invasion in 1974. Turkish Cypr

What is the capital of North Cyprus?

There is no capital as it is not a country. It is an area of the Republic of Cyprus occupied by Turkey since 1974. No other country than Turkey recognises that part as an inde

What can you do in Cyprus?

Cyprus is famous for its beautiful beaches. why not relax on the beach? there are many historical archaeological sites too. If in the Paphos area, why not to tomb of the kings

Was pathos ever the capital of Cyprus?

First of all, it is Pa ph os, Pafos or Παφοσ, NOT Pathos, or even worse pathos. To answer the question, yes, from 333 BC to 330 AD

What is a Cyprus?

An Island republic in the eastern mediterean. Comprsing mostly of Greek-Cypriots. The Southern part is the Republic of Cyprus and is Greek, the Northern part is occupied illeg
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How do you get to Cyprus?

Cyprus is an island nation, so cannot be reached overland. It is reached by air from a number of locations around the world, or by ferry from the Greek port of Thessaloniki.
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What is Cyprus the capital of?

Cyprus is not the capital of anywhere, it's a nation in it's ownright! It is an independent island Republic situated in the EasternMediterranean, on the edge of the Middle Eas
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What is tha capital of Cyprus?

This is Nicosia, located in the centre of the island. However, because the country is partitioned between the Turkish North and the Greek South, Nicosia is itself split in two